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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Muslims Attack vs Jewish Feasting and Prayers-- Celebrating Holidays

It's no great surprise that there has been a sharp increase in the amount of Arab terror attacks here in Israel. It's Ramadan, the annual on the Muslim calendar and every eleven and a half months (approximately) on most other ones. Officially, Islam requires fasting during daytime and then feasting at night. But the Arabs around here have added another custom, terror attacks.

Please don't think that this happens exclusively in Israel and can be blamed on the settlements, the easy excuse people all over the world like to give for Arab violence. It also happens in Arab countries like Iraq.
A string of deadly attacks have claimed dozens of lives across Iraq. The violence came as Iraq began celebrating the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. (DW-News, 2013)
And yes, it does happen here in Israel, too.
One Critically Wounded in Jerusalem Stabbing AttackPolice officer injured by Arab attacker near Damascus Gate; officer manages to fatally wound terrorist. (Arutz 7) 

Rock Attack Against a Train from Tel Aviv to BeershevaA rock attack against a train traveling from Tel Aviv to Beersheva was reported during the Monday evening rush hour, 5 Tammuz. A window was cracked from the impact but it was not blown out of place. (Yeshiva World News)

Israeli Killed in Friday Terror Attack Laid to Rest Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/43817/israeli-killed-friday-attack-laid-rest-judea-and-samaria/#dE4JcRhtR0Iu4Mmy.99

Danny Gonen, HaY"D, Funeral (Flash 90)

It's pretty clear that anyone who calls Islam a "peaceful religion" shows no true value for human life.

celebrating Israeli Independence day in Shiloh 
traditional fruit plate to celebrate TU b'Shvat, the Holiday of Trees and the Jewish Connection to the Land of Israel


Leah said...

Our zest and value for life is evident while the Arabs desire to keep their death cult "alive" is horrific.
Somehow they think they will be rewarded for the chaos and destruction they've brought to the world....

Batya said...

Anti Semitism is so strong in the world that people ignore the truth.

We must stop craving approval from others and just live by Gd's values and demands.

Leah said...

True. One becomes a prisoner of the person whose approval he seeks. Scary, but true.

MAOZ said...

Just to add to your list: don't forget that what we know as the Yom Kippur War is called by Arabs "the War of Ramadan".

Batya said...

Good points