Monday, January 27, 2014

What's a Good Jew? Mishpatim, G-d's Commandments, The Laws, Parshat Shavua

This week's Torah Portion of the Week, Parshat Shavua gives us a rundown on some of the many, many -613- Mitzvot G-d commanded us to obey.

Too many people, like most of us, somehow lose focus on the big picture and concentrate on just a few of the mitzvot, sort of picking and choosing our battles with the Yetzer Haraa the evil inclination, or picking the mitzvot that seem the easiest or the most fun.

There are those who make a super fuss over only eating the strictest of kashrut supervisions and restrictions, but they are must less stringent about what comes out of their mouths, the words they say to others.

Others are careful about Shabbat, but not about their business practices.

And then there are those who say we must be careful about not looking at the opposite sex, so careful that they don't assist when needed.

And there are those who say they just must be good people, nice to others but don't see why they should serve kosher food to those who keep kashrut, or make events on days other than Shabbat or Jewish Holiday.

There are those who run to help all sorts of people in trouble, but don't run to help their fellow Jews especially Jews in Israel.

Our job is to obey all the mitzvot, all categories.  It's not easy.  If we concentrate on one aspect and ignore another it's not good, not at all.

Let's all try to improve.

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