Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bo בא Come! Havel Havelim and the Sh'vat Kosher Cooking Carnival

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Bo בא Come!  Another combined Jewish Blog Carnival, Havel Havelim and the Shvat Kosher Cooking Carnival in one big, facinating package.

I'm doing it again. As I've found myself as a very busy "default hostess" for both Havel Havelim and the  Kosher Cooking Carnival, since both were due to be posted last last week, I'm combining them into one tasty dish, sort of stir-fried blog posts.  There will be food and politics all together in one big wok, or blog carnival.

Havel Havelim is a weekly Jewish and Israeli blog carnival, which includes all sorts of posts about Judaism and Israel.  The Kosher Cooking Carnival is a monthly blog carnival, appearing on or around Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the Jewish Month.  It includes posts about all aspects of kosher food and kosher cooking.  Next month, Adar Alef, there will be the debut hosting by Foodiscovery.

Here's a variety of posts I found or were sent in to be included in KCC and HH.  Please read, comment and share, thanks.
Paam Shlishit Glidah
"Hold The Mayo"
Nu, Just Do It!
Inspiration for 2014 in Jerusalem
The Year that Was
Wonderful Shiloh, Wonderful Neighbors
The Missing Guest
The Boy and His Name
Sam, Z"L
Surviving the Snow, Another Saga of The Blizzard of Tevet 5774, December 2013, A Recipe, Too
Terrorists care about the strength of the shekel My Talmudic Advice Column for January: Shul Boycott and Carlebach Conundrum
Proposed Law: Rabbis cannot charge for officiating at weddings
Pre1A, The Gan Chovah Journey Begins
31-Dec-13: What is it about US policy that fails to understand the Hamas factor?
Keeper of the Scrolls – Get-hunter
Ariel Sharon, Moshiach and The Eighth Year
A Life Not with Standing, Inspirational Memoir by Chava Willig Levy
The King of Schnorrers
Spotted at the Jerusalem Lions Football Game
Small speech at the end of Ulpan
בזק בינלאומי - Bezek Beinleumi Charging for Services Not Rendered
Healthcare without Politics: Ask for What You Need from Foundations Ready to Help YOU
Another Fifty-Two Frames post
January First 1st Isn't My New Year, Chodesh Sh'vat Tov!
On the Plains of Moav
Snow/Blizzard Saga, Having Fun With Friends, Beer!
Bayit Yehudi Cannot Remain Silent Over Rabbi Druckman
Finally Partners Against The Obama-Kerry "Land Swap" Idea, Arabs!
It's Official, The OU Has Declared Quinoa Non-Kitniyot Kosher for Passover
Beer Festivals for 2014
Merry Christmas, Israel!
President Shimon Peres's "Valley Of Peace Initiative"
Demonstration in Support of MK Gidon Sa'ar; An Infiltrator Responds
Ode to the Israeli Tsofim Caravan

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sighing heavily sounds like a blizzard said...

Culinary Recipes are trending. LSAIsrael recently posted ||Jon's chilli recipe|| on facebook. Chefs in general have been trending since '07ish.

I wouldn't expect North Americans and Europeans, including Russians, besides China or Japan or Korea to join in the festivities; they're too busy frozen in Antarctica, being bombed to smithereens in Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Caucasia, and Germany of all places, as well as "Brits" being Flooded to death. Much to the delight of Persian Anchorwomen. Clearly the 5+1 don't know what they got themselves into with Iran.

Seems like only Europeans or those Idolaters of Michael frozen in a warlike stance eat soup, including Trans-Tasmanians aka Aussies All cognate of Esau. Not that they're all Bad guests. They merely require severe lessons of humility to merit an invitation to any table or notes. Cold notes, courtesy of Moms, but the call is noted.

I recommend creative Benjamite dishes, whatever those are, or Kurdishes aka Curds with spicy offerings; curry, perhaps. Noodles a la Manna would be too easy, at this critical stage.

Batya said...

don't quite follow how this connects to the post, but thanks for writing

Esser Agaroth said...

Batya, Thanks for hosting and for including my posts!

The Combination Parashath Bo Jewish-Israeli and Sh'vat Kosher Cooking Carnival Is Up!

Lorri M. said...

Thank you so much for my link.

There is so much to browse through! Thank you for hosting!