Friday, January 31, 2014

Rosh Chodesh Adar! Let's Reverse The Political and Security Decline!!

It's traditional to see the Jewish Month of Adar as a time of reversal, hafochu.

Considering the horrendous lack of true sovereign leadership coming out of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's present (and humongous) cabinet we truly need a change, a very radical one.  No sovereign independent country with a smidgen of self-respect takes orders the way the Israeli Government does.
Photo by Chen Galili Jerusalem Post
Photo by Chen Galili Jerusalem Post

Trying to scare us by Caroline Glick

Finance Minister Yair Lapid delivered a scary speech on Wednesday. At the Institute of National Security Studies conference, Lapid warned that if we don’t accept US Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework for negotiations, the Europeans are going to take away our money.

Lapid claimed that Israel’s economic future is dependent on surrendering Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to the PLO. If we don’t, he said, the EU will abrogate its economic association agreement with us. And such a move on Europe’s part will cause serious harm to our economy.

According to Lapid, “If negotiations with the Palestinians stall or blow up and we enter the reality of a European boycott, even a very partial one, the Israeli economy will retreat, the cost of living will rise, budgets for education, health, welfare and security will be cut [and] many international markets will be closed to us.”

We shouldn't give a bloody "hoot" about what the United States of America or Europe or any other country thinks.  They certainly didn't care 70-80 years ago when Hitler began and carried out the Holocaust against the Jews of Europe.
Attorney and current affairs analyst Yoram Sheftel remarked that this week, following International Holocaust Remembrance Day, it is particularly timely to remember the global complicity in the Holocaust, and heed the warnings not to rely on the world again.
"Precisely this week it's important to remember the crimes of the European countries, Russia and the US that secretly in their hearts hoped (Nazi leader Adolf) Hitler would finish the job" and wipe out the Jewish people, commented Sheftel to Arutz Sheva.
There is no "compensation" for the loss of a home and Homeland.  WE'RE NOT FOR SALE!!!  It's outrageous to even consider the American proposals.  And finally recognizing that Jews were forced to leave Arab countries doesn't sweeten the package.

In a month and a half, we'll be celebrating Purim, the only holiday we have based on something that happened while exiled. Its story is told in Megillat (the Scroll of) Esther which begins with the massive celebrations of the Persian King Achaverosh's rule.  All of the residents of his kingdom, even the Jews celebrated.  The result was the endangerment of the Jews, because Haman was given royal authority to annihilate them.

Our rescue did not come from the Persian king. It came when Mordechai and Esther united to have the Jews pray to G-d.  And today, our rescue, our security won't come from any international agreements or promises.  It will only come when we unite before G-d and proclaim our loyalty to Him and the Land of Israel.

Chodesh Tov and Shabbat Shalom


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Ametica wants to go to bed with Muslims...and make these terrorists their lovers amd best buddies..Let them get their fill of betrayal and being used for cheap one night stand sex.
When America goes hobbling away in the morning, sore with an S.T.D. that has no cure we should not foot the bill to give her any antibiotic.
An old whore will always be an old whore.

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