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Friday, January 17, 2014

Moshe Ya'alon, A Pawn or Player?

Ariel Hermoni /
Israeli Defense Ministry via EPA
Defense MinisteMoshe Yaalon was in hot water for telling the truth, and now he's in boiling water for apologizing.  Simply put, no matter what he does, there will be condemnation.  Many Israelis cheered when Ya'alon said what we've been thinking and saying for a long time.  We wondered how long those words would stay "live," and we're still wondering how long he'll keep his job.

Dry Bones

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu runs a tight ship.  He makes the decisions, and he decides just how far his coalition can go. Many people had expected Bibi to appoint Ya'alon as Defense Minister for his second (this is now the third) term as Prime Minister, but he took the Leftist Ehud Barak. In that government coalition Avigdor Lieberman as Foreign Minister would throw out the "extreme Right" statements, sort of testing the wind.  Now Lieberman has changed his tune and sounds almost to the Left of Peres at times.

Could it be that this whole "crisis" has been choreographed by Binyamin Netanyahu himself?   Or is it more accurate to call it an example of Netanyahu's chess playing tactics?  (I still consider myself a dancer, so choreograph would be the word, but since Bibi is a chess player...)

Gelfand with Netanyahu and Livnat (Photo: Moshe Milner, GPO)
And let's go back to the big question.  Does Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon really have power and influence?  Many on Israel's pro-Jewish rights in all of the Land of Israel Right have been counting on Ya'alon's power, position, influence to protect the State of Israel from endangering itself.

  • Does PM Netanyahu have any real advisors? 
  • To whom does Netanyahu go to for advice?
  • Does the cabinet, the coalition have any say in security policy?
  • Does Bibi have the guts to call off further American brokered mediated PRESSURED talks when it's so obvious that U.S. President Obama and his Secretary of State Kerry want us to accept P.A. Arab terrorist demands which will weaken Israel to the point of destruction?

Plaques awarded to terrorists show map of "Palestine" erasing Israel
Palestinian Media Watch


Shy Guy said...

He is both. He's a pawn plus he plays the part of the good cop.

Shiloh said...

I thought Bennett was the good cop in this circus.

Batya said...

Shy, quite a game...
shiloh, I think that Bennett is caught in the maze.

Shy Guy said...

Shiloh, no. Bennet is the inexperienced political wannabe. And it shows!

Shiloh said...

I had posted on Bennetts FB page an article by Francisco Gil-White about the historical ties of the Nazi's and the Palestinians. An excellent read at HIR Home if not familiar. I asked why you politicians are not aware of these facts. Certainly it was removed. Bennett was trained by Bibi. He is all talk like the rest of them. Shavua tov.

Batya said...

Shiloh, good question. I'm sure that people like Bibi and Bennett must know.