Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's "Demolish" Peace Now and Stop The Policy Anarchy in the Israeli Government

The Appease aka "Peace" Now organization is calling for the demolishing, the destruction of the Jewish Israeli "Aish Kodesh" community for defending itself against Arab attacks.
Esh Kodesh
Hillel Maeir
Tuesday’s incident took place when dozens of Jewish men were abducted and beaten in a mob attack in Kusra. The men, who were unarmed, were set upon by an Arab mob, chased down, tied up and beaten senseless.
The IDF subsequently arrived and convinced local Arab leaders to order the Jewish men released, but then proceeded to arrest the victims.
The unrest was fanned after border police destroyed Jewish vineyards using the "Disruptive Use Order," allowing the seizure of Jewish land even when no Arab claims the land. Jewish residents reported beingambushed by the Arab mob later in the day while they were walking between Esh Kodesh and Givat Hayovel in protest of the destruction.
Peace Now’s demand that the Jewish residents be punished by having their homes demolished should come as no surprise, since the head of the organization, Yariv Oppenheimer, has already expressed his esteem for the Arab mob, saying it deserves praise for not killing the Jews.
I don't see it demanding security for Jews or the arrest and punishment for Arabs who attack Jews, like in the recent attack of a Jewish woman on the Jerusalem lightrail.
She said she was speaking on her phone at the back of the carriage, which was largely empty at the time when, as the train reached the next stop in the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat "one of them gave me a really hard punch to the back of my head."
Have you heard of any Appease aka "Peace" Now members coming to the rescue of Jews who have been attacked by Arabs? WHAT IS THEIR REAL AGENDA?

What disturbs me even more is the total anarchy in the Israeli Government.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has a wide variety of coalition members, and they all give out different sorts of press releases. While Housing Minister Uri Ariel claims that Israel won't destroy any Jewish community large or small, Bibi is saying the exact opposite:
Right-wing MKs received an impression from Netanyahu that he had no problem giving up uninhabited land and was ready to give up settlements that are not in blocs or nationally or strategically important. Following questioning by MKs Tzipi Hotovely and Moshe Feiglin, Netanyahu said he disagreed with them about annexation in the West Bank.
"I know there are some of you who favor annexing land together with the Palestinians, but I don't want to control 1.5-2 million Palestinians and neither do most Israelis,” he said, according to sources close to him who were in the meeting.
Honestly, I don't trust any of them!  That includes all of the so-called Right MK's in Bibi's government.  For me, they are all the same. They've been bought.  Appease Now controls our courts which have the final word on all government decisions and policies.

The current situation is very, very dangerous for the security and continued existence of the State of Israel.


Neshama said...

I was thinking the same thing this am after reading the news! How can it be done?

Anonymous said...

All that is happening now, isn't it obvious that Israel has already been sold out. The actions of Netanyahu are not that of a prime minister or leader but of someone taking orders. And, there are no true right-wingers in the government at this time. If there are some, they have no power against the forces that are controlling. We pray Hashem takes over real soon!

Batya said...

Neshama, we just have to say now and send Kerry packing.
a, yes, we need a leader not a "poodle"

beakerkin said...


The same could be said about the USA
and the it hard to imagine a more clueless President than Obama.

Batya said...

beaker, unfortunately the characteristics that attract votes aren't the ones that make a person a leader

beakerkin said...


Obama is a special story and unlikely to be repeated. He was elected on a bizarre narrative. Vote for the unqualified ( no real job)savior to redeem America from its racial sins. After eight years of failure and corruption enough is enough. Even Hillary is an improvement over this clueless wonder.

Oddly, the people who voted for him in droves are worse off than ever. The Young, Inner City Blacks
and Jews.

Our historic allies are pissed and our enemies laugh at us.

Batya said...

beaker, many people I know still worship him, your obama