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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Can Prime Minister Bibi Take His Statements to Their Logical Conclusion?

Netanyahu to Biden: Abbas Doesn't Want Peace
PM Netanyahu tells visiting U.S. VP that recent comments by PA Chairman were proof that he does not want peace. Arutz 7
Simple logic demands that this statement should follow with the announcement by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that Israel is ending its participation in the farcical, wasteful and ultimately useless and dangerous for Israel "peace" sic talks.  
Abbas told a delegation on Saturday that there will be "no peace between us and Israel" without eastern Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state.
Abbas added that he heard that the Israelis had refused to mention Jerusalem in any talks or negotiations.
"Let them say whatever they say. Unless it is mentioned clearly and marked in big fonts that it is the capital of the state of Palestine, there will be no peace with them and I want them to hear this," he declared.
"Our language is understandable. We have been hearing lots of talks about the capital here and there. The capital is Jerusalem and its surroundings in Jerusalem which were occupied in 1967," he said, highlighting that he is adhering to a stance that has long been official policy.
"We have a right even though we are weak in the world. We will continue to demand our rights and we will realize them," said Abbas.
The comments are nothing new, as the PA Chairman has repeatedly stressed that unless all his demands are met, there will be no peace with Israel.
I agree that Abbas is incapable of making peace with Israel, simply because his, the PA's aim is Israel's destruction.
PA leader: Stages plan to eliminate Israel is basis of PA policy
Abbas Zaki, close associate of Mahmoud Abbas, says a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders is only first stage in the PA's program because "the inspiring idea cannot be achieved all at once. [Rather] in stages"In an interview on Al-Jazeera TV in 2011, Zaki also mentioned this PA stages plan and referred to "the inspiring idea," explaining that it means the end of Israel. He said that Mahmoud Abbas shares the goal of eliminating Israel in stages, but that the PA says it only wants a state along the 1967 borders because it is unacceptable politically to say you want to destroy Israel:
"You can't say it to the world. You can say it to yourself."

Zaki stressed that the goal is clear-cut because if Israel were to return to the 1967 lines, it certainly could not survive: "Israel will come to an end."

It's not in Israel's best interests, nor in Israel's minimal interests, to ignore this.
Before meeting with Netanyahu, Biden visited President Shimon Peres and told him Israel’s security depended on “genuine accommodation” with a Palestinian state.
He characterized the Arab Spring as an “incredibly historical phenomenon,” and said “the only place where there is a possibility for an island of stability is quite frankly between the Palestinian people and the Israeli people, in two secure states respecting one another’s sovereignty and security.”
“This is one of those opportunities, one of those moments in history. It has to be seized,” Biden said, adding that US Secretary of State John Kerry is passionate about achieving a successful outcome. (Jerusalem Post)
No country, no foreign diplomat or politician will lose sleep over his/her mistaken/false statements.  And they have nothing to lose when the Arab terrorists prove them wrong.  They'll find a way to blame Israel for its own destruction, G-d forbid.

The diplomatic storm and protest over our leaving the talks will be nothing compared to what Israel would suffer if we continued and gave in to the Americans who are pushing the Arab terrorist policies. Let's leave the so-called "peace" sic talks NOW!


NormanF said...


There is no point in dragging things out until April!

If Israeli leaders persist, they should know Sharon's miserable fate will look good to them compared to the one they will face!

They can spare the country tragedy or they can face it themselves. That choice is now in their own hands.

Unknown said...

I feel physically sick about these talks that include giving back more land. Have Israeli leaders lost their minds, or do I not understand world politics?

Shimona from the Palace said...

@Unknown: "these talks that include giving back more land."

Giving BACK more land? As if it was theirs to begin with ?!

goyisherebbe said...

Norman, waiting till April is only worthwhile if there is an ultimatum. If there is no agreement to Israel as a Jewish state, we take it ALL back, annex the whole business and take out the remaining terrorist murderers and execute them and bury them in pigskins donated by the Christian Arab pig farmers. Then we stop taking US aid and make our own weapons with Israeli labor. We put in a crash program in robotics to eliminate the need for foreign and Arab workers.

Eitan Divinsky said...

Yes, I agree, Batya. It all seems like very simple logic that a 1st grader would understand, but we must also take into perspective that Bibi is facing unprecedented pressure from the American administration that we simply cannot do without.

Btw: could you please link to my blog? "AJewishIsrael dot com"

Thx so much!

Shy Guy said...

Eitan Divinsky said...

but we must also take into perspective that Bibi is facing unprecedented pressure from the American administration that we simply cannot do without.


The Ribbono Shel Olam begs to differ. Our biggest problem is thinking that pragmatism is all that we need to save us.

Anonymous said...

Eitan Divinsky: Israel needs no one, except Hashem. Shy Guy is right! Shame that Jews like Eitan still don't get it. The troubles Israel has had for the last 65 years and, now, more than ever, is because of the reliance on the nations. Simple as that. No one to rely on except our Father in Heaven!!!

Leah said...

I was just reading an article that Obama is withholding info to Israel on Iran nuclear agreement. Ok, so, we know that he does this. The interesting thing is that (I believe) Hashem is allowing it to be printed blatantly in the news for the "low information voters" to see and to mull.
So, if they see that Obama is full of lies along with Joe Biden and John Kerry et al...then Netanyahu should stop even meeting with those who are set out to destroy Israel r'l....let alone appease them etc... It's enough already. One man and Hashem make an army.

Batya Medad said...

Eitan, ignore pressure. We don't need America Honestly, the first 20 years of Israel's existance was without American support. Only after our 1967 survival/victory did the USA consider us worth cultivating.
Leah, Iran would be more afraid of Israel if we weren't holding the American tail.
Norman, u, a, Shimona, Yehoshua, Shy exactly.

Leah said...

Yes, true, Batya.

Batya Medad said...

Leah, thanks