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Monday, January 13, 2014

And What are The Jewish Bloggers Saying about The Late Ariel (Arik) Sharon?

A big reason I started blogging was because I wanted to get my message out, and the mainstream Israeli media couldn't be relied on.  An op-ed editor of a paper that had published a few of my articles over the years told me that I was certainly invited to send in my articles, but I should know that they could take a week or more (one article was published months after I had submitted it) to decide whether or not they'd use it.  And after they rejected it (not that they actually call up with the news) I could send it someplace else. Of course, by then the op-ed would be too old to be of any interest or monetary value. So I figured that the best thing would be for me to just take charge and blog.  I'm the owner, editor and chief blogger.  There are others who can blog on my blog, and I give them free access.

Many of us bloggers have rather uncompromising principles, and that's why the mainstream media or even slightly Right of Center doesn't give us free access to their papers and sites.  There have been many blog posts written about Ariel Sharon, and I'll link just a few of them here.

I'll start with Daniel Pinner's uncensored article, which appeared in the full on Tomer Devorah.
In Memoriam: Ariel Sharon 5688 - 5774
Esser Agaroth:
Assessing Ariel Sharon's Life
Israel Matzav
Video: Ariel Sharon's handiwork

Yeranen Yaakov
Ariel Sharon's Legacy
On Love of the Land
When Assessing Sharon’s Complex Legacy
No doubt there will be more in the next Havel Havelim here after Shabbat, G-d willing.


yosef said...

Kol hakavod Batya for allowing freedom of expression about Sharon - so lacking in the Israeli press.
As a victim of Sharon's "disengagement":
Israel suffered the worst wave of terrorist bombings in its history 2001-2002 (S'barro restuarant, Dolphanarium, Park West hotel etc) until FINALLY Sharon ordered the IDF into Jenin. Even there Sharon had no regard for Jewish life as he sent our precious Jewish soldiers "door to door" in homage to "tohar haneshek" (purity of arms) 23 soldiers were killed in ambush. While living in Gush Katif I remember being bombed by missiles and mortars for FIVE years while Sharon restrained the IDF from responding and having the chutzpa to tell the nation that there were no restraints on the IDF. We watched the Apache helicopters bomb empty fields! I also remember Sharon comming to Gush Katif before he was PM telling us how important Gush Katif was to the nation's security. His expulsion of 10,000 Jews (the largest since Hitler) is well known I won't detail that sorry episode. I am not mourning his death - hope I'm not arrested for incitement.

Batya said...

We're in the same boat

Shy Guy said...

Yosef, in mentioning "purity of arms", it is very important to recall that the person who is responsible for compiling Israel's self-threatening Rules of Engagement doctrine is Professor Assah Kasher.

Knit, Madam Defarge, knit.

yaak said...

Thanks for the link.

Batya said...

yaak, good post, thank you