Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Different Dimensions of Jewish Reality

Being in Phoenix, Arizona, I feel very removed from my real life in Shiloh, Israel.

I keep the same Mitzvot, make the same brachot (blessings,) but I'm not sure to which direction I must be facing.  In the morning I had no idea about north, south, east or west.  Then I figured out that since it still seemed dark at a time when there was light, so east must be in the other direction.

Words and actions mean different things here.

News is about the weather, yes, the weather and also random shootings.  I'm very glad that I planned this visit to be in two of the warmest locations in the USA.

There are dangers here in America, dangers for all and dangers for Jews.

Anyone can be the random target of an angry deranged killer.

And the comforts and relatively easy life in America make it too easy for Jews to remember that they are supposed to focus on living in the Biblical Holyland.  Even in this plain old motel where I'm staying it's possible to make a kosher breakfast out of the food they have out every morning.  Kosher food is big business in the states, and it's not because tens of millions of Americans eat kosher food for spiritual reasons.

There are all sorts of assimilation and it's gluing the Jewish community to America.  Even kids in Jewish schools aren't always learning Hebrew, and without Hebrew they will be strangers in the HolyLand.  Hebrew is the key to successful aliyah.

Sorry for the rant, but, that's what's coming out tonight.


Hadassa said...

Almost 20 years ago a friend in American mentioned that even in orthodox day schools texts are being taught translated, not in the Hebrew original. Sad. Knowing the language of the country in which one lives is important, but not to the extent of abandoning one's heritage.

YMedad said...

Remind me to give you one of the compasses fot the next visit.

Shy Guy said...

If you have a smartphone, you can download one of many free compass apps. I've been using Smart Compass for my Android phone for quite some time now.

Batya said...

whole new world out there

Sandy Price said...

Batya, I live in Phoenix and landed on your blog while looking for something else (of course). Are you still in Phoenix, and if so, what is the purpose of your travel here?

Batya said...

Sandy, I live in Shiloh, Israel. But my father is in an old age home in Scottsdale, because my sister lives nearby.