Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Peace is Getting Further Away

There's nothing that the American mediated sic peace-talk sic negotiations can do to bring peace, the real kind to Israel.
dry bones

The Hebrew word for peace שלום Shalom, comes from the root שלם which means complete, whole.  The aim of the Obama-Kerry talks is a very superficial agreement decorated with smiles, handshakes, headlines and the flash of ceremonies.  It's just a show.  The Arabs talking aren't the ones with the guns.  They have no real control over the terrorists.  They're more concerned with their suits, ties and photogenic haircuts. They can't offer/promise us peace.

True peace must come from your ordinary Arab.  It must come bottom up, like baking a cake.  If the oven is too hot, like the pressure that Obama-Kerry is/are exerting on Israel and the PA Arabs to "make a deal" the top of the cake may look ready when you take it out of the oven, but it'll soon fall into a sticky, disgusting mess, all raw and wet inside.  The violence, Arab terrorism against Jews, war and anarchy that such a "deal" will cause will simply put be the exact opposite of peace, a lot bloodier than that inedible cake.

There are small signs of progress from ordinary Arabs, such as the ones I work with and who shop in Rami Levy and Yafiz in Sha'ar Binyamin.

1-2014, Sha'ar Binyamin by Batya©Medad

1-2014, Sha'ar Binyamin by Batya©Medad
The Arabs I meet aren't the only ones we have to deal with. Arab terrorism hasn't stopped.  The latest attacks haven't been reported in the news much, and I couldn't even find references to them by googling in English.

There have been attempts during traffic jams, which unfortunately are common in some locations, for Arabs to try to get into Jewish cars.  One teenage girl had to fight off her attacker while her mother tried to help and phone for emergency assistance simultaneously.  The locked seat-belt slowed him down.  Another woman was saved, because she had her doors locked.  Yes, the security experts say to always lock doors and windows, but blaming the driver who didn't is blaming the victim rather than the perpetrator.

Our roads, except for the ones inside communities after the security gates, have both Jews and Arabs on them.  There is no apartheid except in Arab towns which don't allow Jews.

When Arabs stop attacking Jews there will be peace, and I'm not talking of a twelve or twenty-four hour break or even one of a week.  There has to be a total change in the Arab mentality and culture which will take a generation or more.

True peace would mean that Jewish Israelis would be as welcome in the Shechem (Nablus) shopping mall as Arabs are in Sha'ar Binyamin.

It would mean that Arabs would need the same building permits as Jews.

I'm in no rush; I'm patient and obey the law.  Yes, it's like baking a cake. There are no real shortcuts unless you want raw batter on your plate.  The terrorism that will result in these negotiations will be bloody awful, so let's stop talking!


NormanF said...

Peace is a long term process. The present Arab leaders have no real interest in peace.

There is no real grassroots Arab peace camp, which only compounds the impasse. The Americans are trying to push something on both sides that they're not ready for.

If foreigners left the Arabs and Jews well enough alone, they could solve their own problems. It should be added in passing - the Hebrew "Shalom" does not just mean the absence of tension or a state of war. Its not the negative, incomplete peace denoted by peace treaties.

Its the kind of peace the Prophets envisaged: nature at peace, man at peace, nations at peace and man at peace with G-d. Its a peace you can feel throughout the world and its not just a peace you again see.

That is the Jewish ideal of true peace. But its not going to happen in our days for sure. The Arabs are nowhere near ready to work for that kind of peace. In short, Israelis must stop pushing for the impossible.

The reality is that for now all that can be done is to manage the conflict and not make things even worse! Israel should tell Obama and Kerry "NO!" Politicians' needs of the moment must take a back seat to welfare of present and future generation of Arabs and Jews living in the Land Of Israel.

Shimona from the Palace said...

Your cake analogy was brilliant.
And the Dry Bones cartoon which you added rather reminded me of "Alice Through the Looking Glass" - you remember, where the Red Queen says to Alice:
"Now,here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place..."

Batya said...

Amen Norman
Thanks shimona

Anonymous said...

Peace will only come when G-d creates peace - through His ways. Only disaster will comes through the EU, UN and US.

Batya said...

a, G-d practices "matching funds." We first must do our part, and then G-d will add His much larger share, G-d willing.

Unbeliever said...

"Another woman was saved, because she had her doors locked. Yes, the security experts say to always lock doors and windows, but blaming the driver who didn't is blaming the victim rather than the perpetrator."

Sorry, but if you're suicidal, that's your business, but your children shouldn't be at risk because you're clueless. Locking your doors is the most basic "security measure" that anyone can take. You're not expected to practice martial arts 8 hours a day, to carry a rifle and become proficient in its use if you didn't do your army service, etc. However, taking basic precautions such as locking your doors and staying out of Arab neighborhoods and villages is a given. You might also want to learn some Arabic so that you know what's coming.

Batya said...

unbeliever, the attacks were on main highways. And why should Arabs be expected to attack Jews? Obviously peace is very far away.