Friday, December 27, 2013

Where's Israeli Self Respect?

How come Israel hasn't effectively protested Abu Dhabi's refusal to allow the Israeli under-18 chess team to play as Israelis?  And why didn't all of the so-called freedom loving, pro-civil rights, human rights etc. countries and NGO's demand that the tournament be moved to a more moral country?
The Israeli under-18 chess team currently competing in the World Youth Chess Championship in Abu Dhabi has been forced to do so without national identification, The Algemeiner has learned.
Shortly after the start of the event, the tournament’s official website removed the Israeli flags and changed the country listing to FIDE – an acronym for Federation Internationale des Echecs or the World Chess Federation - for all Israeli players.

I can't abide hypocrisy!

The "world" keeps claiming that there's anti-Arab apartheid in Israel which isn't true at all. Whatever restrictions there are are against Jews.  So many roads have signs telling Jewish Israelis to keep off.  We're warned that we enter at our own risk. We should "expect" Arab terror attacks.  That is totally outrageous.

The arabs aren't condemned for being terrorist murderers but we're condemned for being Israeli in "their" towns and roads.  And who pays for these roads? Davka, we do!  All the roads and infrastructure are financed by our Jewish (mostly) Israeli taxes.

It was just announced that Dore Gold would be taking back his old job as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Foreign Policy Consultant.
The appointment carries a stern message for the Obama administration and puts a decidedly nationalist tone of the Netanyahu coalition government. Gold has been the head of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, which previously campaigned for the United Nations to take legal action against then Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for violating Geneva Convention anti-incitement clauses with statements such as Israel should be “wiped off the map.”
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I think that this sort of anti-Israel discrimination must be put on the top of the list of projects for Gold to tackle.  International chess and athletic competitions shouldn't be tools of the international anti-Israel camp. It should be made clear by Israel that all countries who sit by passively while this sort of discrimination policy happens is 100% guilty. There should be diplomatic sanctions against them by Israel.  We should also demand financial compensation to our branches of those organizations.

Silence is dangerous.  It's like how the world responded/reacted or more accurately didn't to the anti-semitic policies of the Nazis in the 1930's.


NormanF said...

Shy Guy who posts here usually says:

Stupid Jews!

I'll go him one better and say Stupid Dhimmi Jews!

Young people in Israel are not instilled with Jewish pride and self-respect.

This is exactly how the Arabs treated the Jews for centuries! And I'm ashamed that Jews today put up with such degrading dhimmitude treatment.

Where are the national protests over this, indeed? Go figure.

Shy Guy said...

Look at the bright side: we Jews far surpass the christians in turning the other cheek.

NormanF said...

Israel is the most Christian country on earth.

After all Shy Guy - what other country augments its enemies capabilities as we'll see this weekend?

I do believe Jews deserve to be treated with dignity and respect but they must demand it.

As much as I loathe anti-Semites, I demand more of the Jews because they should be a great nation!

Unknown said...

If you know a woman that is in an extremely abusive relationship for over 20 years, are you understanding that she has self-esteem issues? What if she is being told that it is a fault within her that is causing the abuse and she deserves this treatment? How long has the Jewish people been in this abusive relationship with the other nations of the world?

Discover Magazine just published and article, "Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes", about the affect of our foremother's lives on our genetics. Okay so multiply that by a few thousand years.

It's not a pretty site to see a woman cower when someone looks at her let alone lifts a hand to strike her. We are seeing that every day by the reactions of those within the Jewish people to the criticism of the nations that have actually been the abusers.

I can't agree that we are stupid. I think we have been so wounded and sickened that we don't even know how to stand up straight.

What's the answer to this? Well, it's a miracle that we are even standing and it will take another miracle to heal us so that we can once again stand straight. I know that we are not suppose to rely on miracles, but this time I have to.

Serach Yael

Batya said...

Shy, Norman, Serach yael is right. We're just nuts.

Anonymous said...

Agree with above commenters but believe it is the ruling class in Israel that has made deals with devil and truth be it, as most everywhere today, the public has zilch say. This last government has completely sold Israel down the drain (Erev Rav); so now there is really no one to rely on and that is what was foretold, so we will realize that we can only rely on our Father in Heaven. Yehudah & Shomrom will forever belong to the Jewish people and none other because Hashem will not allow it to ever go to others. Believe that is a surety. H' will fight this last battle and woe unto to those who go up against His beloved children and beloved Land. Amen

Batya said...

a, I don't use the word/term "Erev Rav." The key problem was the adoption of secular ideology by the mainstream zionists, socialism and democracy which took the Judaism out.