Monday, December 16, 2013

Good News-Bad News Re: Snow of 5744, 2013

The good news is that the government has considered bringing electricity back to Shiloh important enough to send generators by helicopter.
The bad news is that it will take so long to fix the electricity service going to Shiloh that the government has shipped generators by helicopters.

Article in Hebrew.  I couldn't find it in English.
מסוק יסעור מעביר גנרטור של חברת חשמל
מסוק יסעור מעביר גנרטור של חברת חשמל
יוסי וייס, דוברות חברת החשמל
מסוק יסעור של חיל האוויר הטיס הערב (שני) גנרטורים של חברת החשמל ליישוב איתמר שבשומרון וליישוב שילה שבבנימין.
הגנרטורים הועברו במסוק מאחר שישובים אלו מנותקים מחשמל מזה מספר ימים וגם כבישי הגישה אינם פתוחים לתנועת כלי רכב.
מחברת חשמל נמסר הערב כי 5,500 בתי אב עדיין מנותקים מרשת החשמל ברחבי הארץ מתוכם כ-2,500 בירושלים. מנכ"ל חברת החשמל, אלי גליקמן הבטיח כי כל הישובים בישראל יחוברו עוד היום למערכת החשמל
Many families have moved in with relatives and friends who have electricity, heat and water, as my husband wrote during the rare electricity and internet in our house.  And like in my case, we haven't in any way "abandoned settlements sic."  That's because we have found safe "electrified" havens in other settlements sic.

In some cases the moves are a short distance, and others the distance was long and more difficult.  I for instance haven't been able to get to work yet this week because of icy roads.  I hope there will be public transportation tomorrow so I can resume "normal life."

The support system in communities like Shiloh has been very good.  At least people are trying.  Nobody has full-time electricity, unless I'm mistaken.  When most people live in private homes it's very hard to go door to door via deep snow drifts and ice.  Without electricity phones can't be charged and even landlines are no better especially when "cordless" which need electricity.  And if the phone is simple, a wire from the wall, it's frequently hard to reach when you're snuggling under a blanket.

There will definitely be great stories about this winter, which is far from over.  May we survive it in good health, G-d willing.


Leah said...

Stay warm, Batya! (((hugs)))

Batya said...

I'm doing my best, thanks. I'm too old to be cheap about heating.