Monday, December 2, 2013

Has The International "Iran Deal" Facilitated More Danger to World Peace?

According to the Algemeiner, the Iranians feel strengthened by the deal that was supposed to stop or slow down their nuclear development.  There's another nuclear reactor being planned.

BBC Coming off its deal with the P5+1 powers in which it secured $7 billion in sanctions relief, Iran will build a second nuclear reactor at Bushehr.
“Based on our estimates, the second nuclear power plant will be built in the same province (Bushehr) and I hope that we can use the facilities of this province,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told Fars over the weekend.
Is that what they got the "$7 billion in sanctions relief" for?

Israel is the country most vociferous opponent of the "deal" and the United States President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have been working hard to make Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu an international pariah of sorts over his vocal opposition.  I doubt if the following is part of Obama's plan, but the ostracism of Netanyahu has just made Netanyahu and his Likud Party stronger and more popular in the Israeli polls. (Hat tip IMRA)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's failure to prevent the Iranian nuclear agreement may have weakened his standing at the White House, but it has actually boosted his standing among the Israeli electorate. Likud-Beitenu has risen to its highest level since the January elections - 37 Knesset seats, were elections held today, according to the "Globes"-Smith Institute poll for November. The Likud-Beitenu gained three seats compared with the previous poll in late October, and six seats compared with its showing in the elections.When Israel faces a security or sensitive diplomatic crisis, the public rallies around Netanyahu, who is perceived as authoritative, and the only man who can deal with Iran, regardless of whether the public agrees with him or not. The public will also stand by the prime minister against rivals.
Dr. Mordechai Keidar, in the Jewish Press, brought up other problems inherent in the "deal."
The common element among most of those who have been discussing the matter is that everyone sees only two sides, Iran and the West, and ponders which of these two sides has gained more from the agreement. Most of the commentators ignore the third party, large but silent, in pain but obedient, who experienced a major defeat as a result of the agreement. This party is the majority of eighty million Iranians. It is no secret that the great majority of Iranian citizens hate the regime of the Ayatollahs with all their hearts, and from time to time express this hatred with demonstrations and street disturbances, such as those that swept the streets of Iran after the “elections” for presidency in June of 2009 and which brought about the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators who were champions of liberty and hungry for freedom. They, the restless young men and women, secular up to their ears, aspiring to freedom but living under oppression, educated but unemployed, suffering from the terrible corruption that the regime of the ayatollahs is immersed in, hoped that the economic sanctions on the dark regime would suffocate it and bring it to its end. This was not a wild hope: in the past it was learned that at the height of the wave of protest demonstrations about the stealing of the elections in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was “reelected” in 2009, the rulers of Iran had two jets prepared in order to leave the country and escape from the raging masses.
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The "world leaders" either don't care or are profoundly ignorant about what really happens in Iran.  There's no other reason for their policies.

And I also agree with Yoram Ettinger that it's a terrible mistake to keep focusing on the fallacy that Israel is Iran's main target.
While negotiating with the US, Iran is the leading sponsor of anti-US Islamic terrorism; the chief axis of unprecedented terrorism in Iraq; the key perpetrator of subversion and terrorism in the pro-US Arab oil-producing Gulf States; the top supporter of Jihadist movements in Africa and the killing of US GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan; a collaborator with the anti-US regimes in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador; and the anti-US hate-educator of Iranian youth.
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A nuclear Iran is a danger for the western world, and Israel is a very minor player, but the "world leaders" are pushing us into the forefront in hope that Iran will unleash its anger and bombs on us, rather than them. We in Israel must get more realistic and recognize the fact that we don't have reliable allies.


NormanF said...


I only take issue with Netanyahu's empty bluster. Iran is not impressed and neither am I.

As Eli Wallach's character says to The Man With No Name in "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly," - "If you must shoot - shoot! Don't talk."

There is only one thing that will deter Iran and it isn't going to more words and promises of further appeasement.

Anonymous said...

blessed chanukka (6th day) batya and to all. its very easy and right also, to feel justified anger at the nations of the world. so how much more would Hashem be, this is His precious people. Rabbi Lazer Brody placed this on his site.
Dear G-d, grant me the strength and courage to change what i can change. And give me the faith to accept what i cannot change. And grant me the wisdom to discern between the two.
the sages wrote that king david's most powerful weapon was prayer. there are many things that my family and i face. and a number of them are beyond us to solve. while we look at isr to be a light to us nations, but until then, we have to turn to Hashem and lay the problems at His court. its not easy, but sometimes there is just no other way. and perhaps it is just this that He wants from us, to turn this particular problem to Him. i pray daily for Hashem to give strength to bb and guide him. its not easy to be in his place. i am not very sure what the following below means in its depth, but my rabbis used to write this to me when i feel shaken by some events.
"The Will of Hashem will never take you where the Grace of Hashem will not protect you."
G-d bless israel.
PS i have forwarded your article to some of my R's.

Batya said...

Norman, I agree with you. He's all talk and to the wrong audience.
Rainbow, thank you. I firmly believe that we can change the world. And just like our forefather Jacob prepared to meet Esau, we need more than prayer. King David was also a great military leader.

Esther Revivo said...

Batya, you likened the conference that brought about this travesty in an earlier blog to Chamberlain's capitulation to Nazi Germany in WWll. I agree. NOBODY really cares deep down what 'goes down' in Iran. I feel that people want to salve their consciences without actually having to do anything 'painful.' Anything 'painful' will be left up to us, Be'H with HIS help!

Batya said...

Esther, you're so right.
Like any good teacher, I try to reword the same lesson to catch those who missed it on previous tries.

Leah said...

There was a speaker and author who one time said, "Everybody likes the idea of a free Tibet. The idea of freeing Tibet is the issue." (not verbatum)
I, for one, do not like to even think about the idea of even one Israeli soldier getting something even as small as a paper cut, or a citizen being injured either. The other element is that Iran is really itching to wreak havoc with it's arsenal of evil....
Obama lies, while Iran tells it's desires openly....
I am recognizing more and more the oneness of our Jewish nation- each person is a part of a whole...
I don't know what else to do except to daven and to make changes in my behavior while verbally declaring that I am improving myself and my relationships with my fellow Jews in order to lessen the chevlei of Moshiach's arrival....