Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arab Terrorists Cheer and Jews Mourn

I couldn't think of a simpler title for this post.  Usually I try not to blog about the same topic two days in a row, but I just can't ignore the terrible policies of Likud Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  He is encouraging Arab terrorism against innocent Israeli Jews.

There is no deterrence to prevent an Arab who is thinking of murdering a Jew, who is thinking of being an Arab terrorist.  He knows perfectly well that time in Israeli jail will have great opportunities, to further education, both academic and terrorist, and within a few years, whether he succeeded in murdering a Jew or not, he'll be freed.  And while he's in jail, the PA (Palestinian Authority) will pay a salary to his family.

The Israeli public is already numbed to the reality of this situation that while our innocent Jewish citizens are suffering from terrorism and the threat of more, our government has agreed to free more Arab terrorist murderers.
Following High Court decision to reject appeal, Israel releases 26 prisoners after midnight: 18 to West Bank, 5 to east Jerusalem and 3 to Gaza.Israel released 26 Palestinian security prisoners Monday overnight, after the High Court of Justice rejected a petition filed by bereaved families to prevent their release.
Unlike the previous 52 terrorists already released, the group released overnight included five residents of east Jerusalem. The Palestinians are demanding that in the next batch Israel include Israeli-Arabs who carried out terrorist attacks, something Jerusalem has until now adamantly refused to do. 
This Chelm is no joke.
Flash 90

When our enemies are cheering, we must be worried, but I don't see our Israeli Government taking responsibility nor responsible steps.

I wouldn't blame John Kerry.  He's doing his job which isn't protecting Israel.  His job is to make his boss United States President Barack Hussein Obama feel happy and look good.
The official said that during the initial talks between Netanyahu and Kerry, before the peace talks restarted, Netanyahu agreed to release 82 terrorists in several batches, none of them Israeli Arabs.
Subsequently, the same official told Channel 2, Kerry and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas held talks of their own during which Abbas demanded the release of 104 terrorists, including Israeli Arabs. Kerry’s deception was that, instead of telling Abbas that Israel only agreed to release 82 terrorists, he then went back to Netanyahu and tried to convince him to change his position.
We need a very different Israeli Government.  As I had predicted during last year's election campaign, Naftali Bennett's claim that he could protect the State and Land of Israel while in the cabinet coalition is 100% yes one hundred percent wrong! Bennett and his NRP aka Bayit Yehudi MKs and ministers have been effectively muzzled, as are Likud's Moshe Feiglin and the MK's his supporters were advised  to vote for in the Likud Primaries.


NormanF said...

National humiliation will not produce peace.

It will stiffen Arab hate and contempt for the Jewish untermenschen who are not fit in their eyes to be dealt with as human beings much less than as equals.

What the Arabs learned is if they hold out long enough, terrorism against Israel pays. There is no cost in murdering a Jew.

Now for the Arabs, their final goal is to get the last batch of terrorists freed by Israel and then they will walk out of the pretend peace talks.

They do not intend to reward Israel's moronic leaders for their foolish decision to vainly appease them. Any one who imagines there will be an end to the conflict is deluded.

The country has again inflicted a huge moral and human blow to itself with nothing to show for it. That is the bottom line.

Miriam said...

BIBI wants a Noble Peace Prize and will do anything and everything to achieve it, even if it means releasing murders.

Bibi is nothing more than a wet noddle....

I'm not crazy about Bennett but Bennett has no choice but to stay in the government. If he leaves the coalition, both Labor and Meretz will join and then we WILL loose our country...

We must be very careful for what we wish for... We need to daven with all our might for Hashem to protect us...and guide our leaders to make the right decisions.


Shy Guy said...

Wrong again.

Feiglin is not "muzzled". But if you insist, then Eldad and Ben Ari are "useless".

Even had Bayit Yehudi followed Feiglin's voting pattern, which has been consistently against any coalition votes to harm Jews, Bayit Yehudi would have found themselves out of the coalition a long time ago, just as "useless" as Eldad and Ben Ari and just as "muzzled" as Feiglin, according to your own thinking.

What's needed is a cleaning, like the kind that took place when Sharon was forced to leave the Likud, take his dogs with him and form a separate party, which has deteriorated since then, as expected.

But it doesn't work by waving a magic wand. It only works by uniting to vote together and to stop splintering off into religious-only (a token female secular party member doesn't cut it) sectarian parties. It means start thinking big. No more being a party that has to be in play. It's time to invest in running the country.

There is no candidate other than Moshe Feiglin, who can run as a Torah true prime minister. There are enough of us to put him there in the next election or the one after that. Instead we prefer to keep pissing in the wind. Sorry but that's what you, Batya, have been advocating here for years and the results are just what was to be expected.

NormanF said...

I agree with Shy Guy.

Israel's Stupid Jews have gotten the government and its decisions they deserve.

In the face of evil, lies, corruption and betrayal, there has been only national resignation and apathy.

No wonder the Israeli elite can do whatever it wants! Not even the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany had the kind of unchecked totalitarian power they possess - whose horrifying results we are forced to witness with our very own eyes.

Batya said...

Norma, Shy, The whole thing stinks.
Miriam, NRP isn't doing anybody any good. They're just giving us Labor policies.

Shy Guy said...

Telling us the whole thing stinks isn't news. In fact, it's an understatement.