Friday, December 20, 2013

Back to Israeli Politics: What's Avigdor Lieberman Really Planning?

Yes, it was that deep in Shiloh.
Enough about the snow for right now, OK?

Baruch Hashem, thank G-d, I'm back home after my few days as a bag lady gypsy, so since this morning I'm not in a rush to leave my warm, heated home, I checked the usual news sites/sources, Jewish Press, Arutz 7, Jerusalem Post and Reuters to get an idea of what to write about.

There seems to be a lot of news about Avigdor Lieberman who's now trying to reassert himself before fleeing the Likud.  For the past few days there are reports that the very unsuccessful political marriage between the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu is all but over.  They've been "sleeping in separate bedrooms" for quite some time.

Since Lieberman's acquittal, he seems to be trying to move Left rather than Right.  It may be to court the media, because I think it was his Right policies/statements that got him most of his votes. The truth be told, he really has never been a policy maker, just a noisemaker. Policy in a Netanyahu Government comes from Bibi himself.  He just controls the puppet strings and tries to give the impression that his cabinet has some power, but I don't believe they do.  The truth is that the larger the cabinet the less influence a minister has over the big picture.  They are used more as camera props and media ops. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu can't be everywhere so he sends his coalition partners.

If Likud had run alone it would have gotten more MK's than it got in the agreement with Yisrael Beiteinu, but then there would have had been a big risk that Lieberman on his own would have formed some sort of Center Left agreement with Tsippi Livni, Naftali Bennett, Yair Lapid and Mofaz's parties which would have shut out Bibi's Likud totally.

Israel, just like any other true democracy starts the next political election campaign the minute the previous one is over.  We had elections almost a year ago, so it's no surprise for me to see all this political jockeying and campaigning.  The big question will be if any of the supposedly Right Jewish Nationalist Likud and Bayit Yehudi aka NRP MKs will bolt and form a pro-Jewish Rights in the Land of Israel Party.  Considering that only Feiglin voted for MK Yaakov Litzman's (UTJ) bill requiring 80 MKs to approve any withdrawals from Jerusalem, Israel's capital.

I'm glad Feiglin did it, and I'm not surprised that all of the other so called pro-Land of Israel MKs from the coalition chickened out. They are in Bibi's noose.  The proof's in the pudding.  Too many of you wasted your votes.  I wish I didn't have to write:
"I told you so."


Shy Guy said...

I wish I didn't have to write:

"I told you so."


As you sit on the sidelines, without even a representative to vote for what you believe in.

You lose again. Try something contrarian, like getting everyone who wants true Jewish leadership to stop voting for splinters and splinters-in-waiting.

You didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. If anything, we told you so.

Esser Agaroth said...

Hotovely didn't vote for it? I warned you all about her.

Elkin didn't? Hmmm.... Disappointing.

Lieberman has an opportunity to move to the right. But, like many before him, I'll bet he's been "warned" (and not by Netanyahu) to "behave," or else.

Stay warm!

Batya said...

Shy, if Feiglin had done what I wanted him to do and run with Eldad, then there would have been a decent sized party. None of the other Likud mk's voted with him, nor the NRP, just like I said.
So what's the point of Feiglin being in a party that hates him and he has no influence in?
Esser, I told you not to trust anyone who wanted to be in the coalition.

Shy Guy said...

No, Batya. They would have been a rinky-dinky opposition party, which would never attract a wide enough circle of voters.

The point of Feiglin being in a party where the PM hates him (it is not true what you said that the party hates him - Feiglin is highly respected even by rivals within the Likud), is to eventually become the prime minister. That is the goal. Nothing less will do. The goal is not to simply remain a faction within the Likud, whether big or small.

Esser, I have no idea if Hotovely's condition of expectancy may or may not have something to do with her absence. Just something to check into regarding this specific vote. Otherwise, I agree with you in general about her and Elkin. Nothing surprising. BTW, so much for Elkin Style!

As for Lieberman, he has never changed his spots. Read this old column by Caroline Glick: What Lieberman Wants. He's never been right wing. His land transfer ideas are based on the same desperation the rest of secular Israel has trying to grasp for the everlasting peace that is their ultimate goal in life.

And Lieberman is cunning. Rule of thumb: NEVER trust him.

miriam said...

Love your analysis Batya. Food for thought. No one know what would have been "if only...". Take home message - never trust politicians. "nothing new under the sun".

Batya said...

Shy, you don't have vision. Feiglin's plan hasn't worked and won't work.

Miriam, thanks, glad we agree.