Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Dangers of Selling Our National Soul to The U.S.A.

It seems pretty obvious that United States Secretary of State Kerry got a new speechwriter and was coached in how to speak, or not to speak to the State of Israel and its elected leaders politicians.  His new style is a bit nicer and more sympathetic.  Obviously he was warned not to threaten us again with another intifada.  It made him seem much too much like a terrorist flunky.

He was coached and trained to show sympathy to our security vulnerability, something he had been ignoring. But what's the solution he's offering?


That would not be a good idea at all!  As Ruthie Blum writes in Israel Hayom, I, too, don't trust Kerry or his boss Barack Hussein Obama.
Emerging from his morning meeting with Netanyahu, Kerry called Israel's security "fundamental." He also pointed to Allen's role as that of "assessing the potential threats to Israel, to the region and ensuring that security arrangements we might contemplate in the context of the process will provide for greater security for Israel."Netanyahu stressed that under any agreement with the Palestinians, "Israel must be able to defend itself by itself with its own forces."What the latter means is that Netanyahu is insisting on the right to send Israeli troops into Palestinian territory if and when necessary -- which, of course, it will be, since no deal with the Palestinians has ever included peace with Israel.The former means that the United States will engage in "assessing" and "contemplating."

Giving the United States authority over our security needs isn't good or safe for the State of Israel. Their solution isn't a solution.  It will only cause more and more serious irreparable problems.
Kerry said multiple US government, intelligence and military agencies were working with Israelis and Palestinians on security -- which he billed as a make or break issue for his long-running initiative to broker peace between the two sides.
The USA has absolutely no experience with the sort of dangers Israel is in now, and no country has ever survived anything like what Obama and Kerry are proposing Israel to do.

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According to Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post, the Kerry proposals are even worse:
US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Israel on Wednesday to put additional pressure on Israel to make more concessions in land and political rights to the PLO in Judea and Samaria. To advance his current effort, Kerry brought along retired US Marine Gen. John Allen.According to media reports, Allen presented a proposal to address Israel’s security concerns and so enabled the talks about Israeli land giveaways to proceed apace. The proposal involved, among other things, American security guarantees, a pledge to deploy US forces along the Jordan River and additional US military assistance to the IDF.
Having foreign troops certainly won't protect the State of Israel from Arab attacks.  They'll be as effective as the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces were in June, 1967, when they slunk away when Egypt's Nasser announced that he was going to attack Israel and destroy it.
During two tense days from 16 to 18 May 1967, the Secretary-General did all he could to persuade Egypt not to request the withdrawal of UNEF and to persuade Israel to accept the Force on its side of the border. But neither Government agreed to cooperate. In such circumstances, the Secretary-General could have brought the matter before the Security Council by invoking Article 99 of the Charter, but he chose not to do so because he knew that with the United States and the Soviet Union firmly on opposing sides of the question, no action could be taken by the Council.
The fundamental fact is that United Nations peacekeeping operations are based on the principle of consent. To maintain UNEF in Egypt against the will of the Egyptian Government, even if it had been possible to do so, which was not the case, would have created a dangerous precedent which would have deterred potential host Governments from accepting future United Nations peacekeeping operations on their soil.
Buffers don't work.  And the Americans certainly won't win any wars for the State of Israel.

Negotiations do not bring peace.  There is no way to make peace with a group of people who want to destroy you.  You can't rehabilitate sociopaths and psychopaths. Arab terrorists and their supporters are no "peace partners." They are dangerous enemies of the State of Israel.  This simple fact must be recognized and dealt with.  Kerry and his staff should be sent packing and told not to return.

We Israelis must take full responsibility for our security and defense.  We must be sovereign in all of the Land we hold, from the Mediterranean Ocean to the Jordan River.  That will bring us peace. That's the only way!


Grabber said...

Do you know how to tell when this POTUS (and his minions)are telling a lie; it's every time they speak.

I used to think the US would support Israel, I'm ashamed to feel that today that is not the case.

To Israel I say, do what you need to do to survive. The USA is constipated and it might be as long as 3 years before this illness will come to pass...we'll see you on the other side.

Batya said...

Maybe it's my age. I remember the 1960's when Israel didn't have allies. And that's the lesson of the Holocaust. Nobody cares about Jews.