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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So It's a "Flare-up" if Israel Responds? Peace Prognosis-No Way

Reuters is calling it a "flare-up," which seems a relatively benign word for renewed Arab terrorism and Israel's reluctant response.
(Reuters) - A Gaza sniper shot dead an Israeli civilian over the border on Tuesday and Israel hit back with air strikes on two Hamas training camps which hospital officials said killed a Palestinian girl near one of the targets.
The Israeli man, who the military said was working on Israel's security fence, was the first Israeli killed on the Gaza frontier in more than a year.
His death, which drew a swift threat of retaliation from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, came amid heightened tensions after two suspected Palestinian attacks - a bus bombing near Tel Aviv on Sunday that caused no casualties* and the wounding of an Israeli policeman in a stabbing on Monday.

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Office
Air force, tanks and infantry units attacked a site producing weapons and terror infrastructure in southern, central and northern Gaza. 
Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/blogs/atlas-shrugged-blogs/the-israelis-have-finally-responded-and-so-will-the-media/2013/12/24/
Actually Reuters got it wrong about the bus bombing.  A policewoman who had responded to the scene was injured.
He said that two minutes later, a pair of patrol officers arrived. They started helping people get off the bus and away from the scene, but within minutes there was a powerful blast. Bozna said that a patrolwoman was lightly wounded in the blast, with light injuries to her ears caused by the sound of the explosion.
While Israel agreed to free more convicted terrorists just to convince/encourage/bribe the Arabs to sit down and negotiate with us for "peace," the Arabs have responded with renewed terrorism.  Besides the bus Bat Yam bomb and the sniper killing, there was an attempted Arab terror murder of a policeman at the Hizme Jerusalem City Line.  B"H, the policeman is recovering but lost his kidney to the stabbing.

This attack caused major traffic problems for hours.  Don't let the darkness fool you and make you think that it happened late at night.  It was actually mid-afternoon in one of the shortest days of the year.

My fellow blogger and f2f friend, A Soldier's Mother lists quite a few terror attacks that took place this week within 30 hours.
In the last 30 hours in Israel...
  • A short time ago, a man was murdered. He was fixing a fence that separates Israel from Gaza and Palestinians opened fire on the civilian...and killed him. In the civilized world, that's called cold-blooded murder.
  • As a response - Israel told its civilians to stay away from the border fence...gee, there's a great response.
  • A police office was stabbed in the back last night by a Palestinian. Now, that might not be considered cold-blooded murderer...because thankfully, the man didn't die but stabbing someone in the back...yeah, that's cold and it's also cowardly.
  • A firebomb was thrown at an Israeli vehicle...
  • A rocket was fired and crashed in Ashkelon, thankfully, no injuries.
  • A mortar was fired from Gaza as well.
  • A bomb was placed on a bus in Bat Yam...only a police officer attempting to defuse the bomb was injured...because the passengers noticed a suspicious object and told the bus driver. He quickly evacuated the bus...likely saving his own life and that of his 12 passengers.
  • Arabs attempted to attack/stab guards near the Mishor Adumim checkpoint - the guards noticed that the Arabs were armed and took action, capturing the Arabs while avoiding injury.
Are we supposed to be panicking?  I'm glad that the IDF is responding, but our Government should do more.  It should send the American "facilitators," aka US Secretary of State Kerry and crew packing.  This is no time for negotiations.  Peace will not be achieved any time in the near future.  By consistently ignoring the Arab terrorist policy we just encourage them and cause more terrorism.

Their mentality is that of a sociopath, no conscience, no concept that the terrorism is unacceptable.
a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.
And why should the Arabs think terrorism is unacceptable when the world accepts them and tells us to offer gestures of "reconciliation" for "peace?"


goyisherebbe said...

If making concessions causes more attacks, it follows that Israel must pound the enemy until they either stop or are wiped out. But our Prime Minister, who looks over his shoulder to the bureaucrats, courts, media and international elites, will never do it. The general elections are not the arena in which to accomplish change because the party leadership and candidates are already chosen. You have to participate in the party that leads in order to shape it. You can vote for a splinter party afterwards as a protest, if you want, but you have to be a party member to vote to change the national leadership in the primaries and in the central committee, where decisions are made. Otherwise we will never have a leader who will even try to challenge the elites. Have you got an alternative better than Moshe Feiglin? Let him come forward. The party leaders should be in favor of him. They seem to already be smoking something.

Batya said...

Feiglin has no power and never will in the Likud.

Anonymous said...

Think goyisherebbe said It all. It's true, nothing is being done until they get an okay first from the 'elites'. A banana republic is more like it. Another reason for why Israel never has the right in any way to be beholden to another country or authority - only to Hashem. The first reason is because HE commands us not to rely on anyone else. This is repeat history of King Saul before David takes over. We are in the geulah process and things are leading us to complete Redemption. You can almost actually 'feel' it. We pray it will be b'rachamim rabim for all of bnei Yisrael.

Shy Guy said...

Feiglin has no power and never will in the Likud.

The left shows its battered wife syndrome in its futile attempts to capitulate to the Jew-butchering Arabs for a peace they will never achieve.

The right shows the same battered wife syndrome by promoting over and over the same political splintering and sectarianism that they've done for over 65 years.

With Batya's attitude, she is absolutely correct. Because without the votes and a wider political audience, no one can lead.

Gun. Foot. Self. Shoot.