Monday, December 16, 2013

"Global Warming," Brrrrr... Impossible to Prepare

Beit El, thanks Miriam
International Leftists, like former United States Vice President Al Gore make oodles of money lecturing and organizing "think tanks" on "global warming," while the world seems to be getting colder.

The center of Israel, the mountain range from Hebron, Jerusalem, Beit El, Shiloh up to the peaks over Shechem have experienced one of the greatest, longest, deepest and coldest snowstorms in recorded history.  Paralyzed roads, no electricity etc were reports I had heard from family in North America the past few winters, so why should we in Israel be any different?
Who’s to blame for the fact that cities like Jerusalem and Safed were cut off from the rest of the country for more than two days, and that thousands were forced to find alternative housing for the weekend because they had no heat or electricity? We can blame whomever we want – but the main culprit here seems to be the storm.
Commuters who mistook Thursday afternoon’s precipitation respite as a green light to drive into Jerusalem are the ones who had to abandon their vehicles when they couldn’t get home in the evening.
Those same vehicles prevented the snow plows mobilized in and out of the city from clearing the roads.
And when
trees and branches fall, electricity is bound to falter, despite the best-intended contingency plans.
Not only was the quantity of snow for the record books, but for us to have snow three years in a row is pretty much unheard of.  Generally we have snow in Shiloh or Jerusalem, which are similar heights, twice or thrice in five years.  Sometimes two years in a row, but three is a chazakah, a very permanent number. Does that mean that we should expect snow every year?  The last time the Jerusalem Municipality invested enormous amounts of money in snow-removal equipment we had a series of warm winters and "limp" quickly vanishing snows. That's why it's wasteful to buy the equipment Chicago has.

Just stay safe and remember that the true message of this snowstorm is that G-d is in charge.

Shiloh snowstorm Tevet 5774, December 2013


Harry Connick Jr - Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) said...

Im happy for them:
Mi joy is irrelevant.
Your happiness is…

ד"ר נתן אופיר said...

The photo is not from Jerusalem. It is apparently a Russian village, Altai, Siberia.

Batya said...

Natan, the second one, I presume? The first was sent by a friend.

Shy Guy said...

We need to import trees from Russia!

Batya said...

I'll replace it with a local picture now that I'm home.

Lady-Light said...

Batya, you should watch the documentary film "Chasing Ice." It is absolute evidence of the retreat of the arctic glaciers, due to the rise of global temperature. It's getting warmer.

Weather extremes, however, are getting hotter and colder, but the overall temperature average is rising; we are experiencing intense climate change and dangerous tipping points.

That is more correct,scientifically, as to what is happening.

Batya said...

Right now I'm suffering from the cold, so my body doesn't believe you.

Shy Guy said...

Lady Light, apparently you live in the dark.

Al Gore hardest hit.