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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowing on the Diplomatic Parade...

Yesterday when traveling to and from and in Jerusalem, there was lots of rain.  Frequently when buses sped by in the opposite direction the cars (yes, quite a few, since I'm a trempistit-hitchhiker) were splashed with tzunami-high waves of dirty water.  The window-wipers were kept very busy swishing the water away.  At least all of my traveling had successful safe endings, B"H.  Today, the ground here and in the other mountainous areas of Israel are covered with snow.

So, snow is my theme today.  I've checked the dr google for snow idioms plus.  

Many of the world's so-called diplomatic experts are doing a snow job on us trying to make the gullible and perpetually wishful believe that all elections are truly honest and diplomatic.  Democracy is a god for them. They're fanatically naive in believing that any country that labels itself "democratic" religiously follows the principles, blinded by the glare of the enthusiastic snow job.  Or are their principles snowed in by another agenda.

Remembering Assad's Daddy

There isn't all that much snow here, but we've been declared snowed in.  I just hope that there was a milk delivery in the local store, because we're probably the only family in Israel that didn't stock up yesterday. At least we're not snowbound today, if you get the drift...

The idea the British had when they were assigned/mandated to establish a Jewish State in what was called "Palestine" to create an Arab state for the local nomads who had been living here.  It has snowballed over the decades into what Caroline Glick has called the "Four State Solution."
Obama’s acknowledgement that Gazans will have to be convinced to join a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria exposes the lie at the heart of it. Since the League of Nations assigned both sides of the Jordan River to the Jewish people in 1922, the international community has insisted that the path to peace will be forged by taking land from the Jews and giving it to the Arabs.

First we had a two-state solution when Jordan, with its overwhelming Palestinian majority, was carved out of the Jewish territory.

For the past 20 years, we have been told that we need a three-state solution with another Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, we have had two Palestinian states – in Gaza and Jordan. And yet, the Gazans who we are told are motivated by nationalist aspirations have refused to declare an independent Palestinian state in Gaza. And now Obama is talking about a four-state solution – three Palestines and one rump Israel.
One doesn't have to be a mathematical genius to see that all this diplomatic dreaming is a snow job to destroy Israel.  They constantly whitewash anti-democratic and racist antisemitic policies and acts by the Arabs.  We're being snowed under with diplomatic, media and academic pressure to accept the Arabs as "pure as driven snow."  But the truth is that all that the legitimacy of their plan is on thin ice.

At least the European Union has admitted that their overly generous aid to the Palestinian Authority is no more than a slush fund for the corrupt Arab officials.
The EU, which focused on 2008 and 2012 was said to have been paying 20 percent of the salaries of the civil servants in the Gaza Strip, taken over by Hamas in 2007. In one spot check, 90 out of the 125 recipients acknowledged that they no longer worked. The PA was said to employ 170,000 people."Our suggestion is to discontinue the program for employees in Gaza," Wessberg told a news conference. "The payment of civil servants who do not work does not meet one of [the EU's] main objectives to provide public services to the Palestinian people."The EU, which failed to prevent Palestinian corruption, also acknowledged that it lost track of at least 90 million euro allocated for the Hamas regime to purchase fuel for electricity generation in the Gaza Strip. Officials said the EU, in a program called Pegase, was hampered by lack of access to the Gaza Strip as well as failure to demand accountability from the PA."Pegase DFS is provided to the PA without conditionality," the report said. "Despite the importance of this issue, there was no transparent reference to Pegase DFS being used to pay non-performing workers in any of the commission's financing documentation for the annual programmes."
Not that it's going to stop them from blindly slaloming down the slope undermining the State of Israel, if you get the drift of what I'm saying...

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