Sunday, March 24, 2013

U. S. President Obama versus Jonathan Pollard, Obama Sees it as Jewish Issue

For those who think that United States President Barack Hussein Obama can be convinced to free Jonathan Pollard for humanitarian and/or legal/logical/moral reasons, you've pegged Obama 100% wrong.  Listen carefully to his words.  He sees Pollard as a Jew, and he sees the demands to free him as tribal loyalty.
 “I recognize the emotions involved in this,” he said. “One of the strengths of the Israeli people is you think about your people wherever they are. I recognize that and am sympathetic.” (from article in the Jerusalem Post)

  • Obama thinks we're emotionally involved. 
  • He doesn't see any logical, objective, legalistic reason for Jonathan Pollard to be freed. 
  • Obama doesn't think there was a travesty of justice when a "spy" for an ally gave the ally information and then was sentenced more disproportionately severely than enemy spies.
  • For Obama this is a Jewish problem, not an American one.
US President Barack Obama being interviewed by Channel 2's Yonit Levy
US President Barack Obama being interviewed by Channel 2's Yonit Levy 
Photo: Courtesy US Embassy

U. S. President Obama was interviewed by Israeli journalist Yonit Levi.  Levi is the Israeli journalist of choice for the Americans.  She treats Obama with the reverence he craves.
Now let's go back to that interview.  Everyone, especially Obama's staff,  knew that she had to ask about the chances of Obama freeing Pollard.  That means that Obama's reply had been well thought out and well rehearsed.  What exactly did Obama say?
“I recognize the emotions involved in this,” he said.
He accused Israel, Israelis and Jews of considering Pollard as an emotional, tribal issue.  Obama firmly denies that there has been any injustice, prejudice or anti-Semitism involved in Jay Jonathan Pollard's legal punishment. To Obama our demand that Pollard's sentence was more severe and longer than any other similar or more dangerous criminal is just a matter of what "your people," as he refers to Jews, would do for any Jew regardless of the crime.
I don't see Barack Hussein Obama as a friend of Israel or friend of Jews.  I see this as his showing his true feelings about us. Please remember that his, like all other visiting politicians' speeches here are just well crafted, diplomatic flattery which aim to get the most applause and praise possible. IMHO anyone who really thinks that Obama is a sincere friend ought to hurry and decorate those eggs for the Easter Bunny.


Yocheved Golani said...

Simple Jew-hatred, passed from president to president. There's much more to the story and we'll only learn it after 120.

Batya said...

Yocheved, the truth isn't pleasant.
Thanks for your comment.