Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Obama, Chutzpah! Of All the Nerve!

Jerusalem Post
If the Israeli public doesn't have enough to do just days before the Festival, Holy Holiday of Passover, פסח Pesach, residents (and those who work, shop etc.) of Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Mateh Binyamin, Sha'ar Binyamin and further afield will find many of their travel logistics changed, canceled and worse because United States President Barack Hussein Obama, for some very peculiar fokocked for sure reason davka chose this week to descend on Israel and visit the "PA" Arabs in both Bethlehem and Ramallah.  And to make matters even worse, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu didn't have the guts to tell him:
"It's a bad time for us.  Come after Passover."

Now, you must be wondering why it's so disturbing to me that Obama is coming late this week, less than a week before Pesach.  If Obama was to just hang out at a hotel near the airport, it wouldn't be all that bad, but he's going to be on the roads a lot.  And do you know what it means for a visiting American President to be on our roads?  It means that those roads must be cleaner of innocent Israeli citizens than my kitchen must clean of chametz for Passover!  No exaggeration at all.
Commuters can expect massive delays and road closures during the visit, but Rosenfeld said national transportation police will post traffic updates on the police Facebook page and police website around the- clock during the president’s stay here.

None of the men, I doubt if women are involved in such policy planning, accept my idea of keeping him safest by using plain, popular inconspicuous vehicles that nobody in a million years would guess were carrying important people. 
During Obama's arrival on Wednesday and again during his departure on Friday afternoon, the main Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway will be closed to all traffic • And on Thursday, when the U.S. president visits Ramallah, all traffic will be halted on Route 60, the main road through Judea and Samaria.

These horrendously disruptive chutzpadik motorcades are moving phallic symbols.  There's no other way to describe them.  The more they disturb the innocent the more powerful the men feel.  It's bullying by government decree!

Another reason it's bad timing is that our newest government has just been sworn in. 

 Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

There's anarchy in the Foreign Ministry, which doesn't have an official minister until Avigdor Lieberman's legal status is decided.

An excellent explanation of the Israeli system and situation, as explained by Ruthie Blum, can be heard in this video:


Chaya said...

I agree with you, but there is one way to look at it which will reduce the stress. It is Hashem's plan! For whatever reason that we humans will never be able to figure out, Obama is coming to Israel right before Pesach. It may be just the trigger we need to bring Moshiach, sooner rather than later (and G-d willing, with compassion). Everything is for the best, even this seemingly annoying and chutzpadick escapade.

Batya said...

Chaya, at this point I see it as a human decision. It may be that after it's all over, we'll see the Hand of G-d. But please don't forget that we humans have free will which gives us the ability to sin and make awful mistakes... G-d forbid

Yocheved Golani said...

That obama was invited at all, on any date, is not good news. He contempt for decency let alone Judaism's FYI to the world on moral values (it started at Mt Sinai) is cause to leave him out of any political development. He has no business telling Israelis what to do. His message to us is that we must allow others to abuse us in any manner. Jews and Jewish interests are expendable in obama's list of non-priorities. Ruthi Bloom explains that well.

goyisherebbe said...

Ruthie Blum is IMHO spot-on about the Obama visit, but she should have been more charitable about Yair Lapid in the Finance Ministry. No one said about Yuval Steinitz when he was appointed the previous finance minister, "what does a philosophy professor know about economics?" The assumption is that a very intelligent person can take charge of a ministry and make judgments about the professional advice he gets from his experts. The same is true of a US Secretary of Defense who comes from a civilian rather than a military background. And of course a Prime Minister or President, who cannot possibly be an expert in everything, must appoint and rely on the advice and screening of information which he receives. Lapid will be proven successful or not based on what he does with the team that he works with and how he manages it and handles their advice. Don't jump to conclusions. He may change his tune considerably once he is exposed to inside data. He is already suggesting that this may be the case.

Batya said...

goyish, Steinitz is highly educated while Lapid isn't. According to wiki, he has learning disabilities. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yair_Lapid