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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Couple of Messages, Subtle and Not so Subtle to U.S. President Obama

"A picture is worth a thousand words" they say.

Look carefully.  Where is this picture taken? What's the message?
Look carefully. Where is this picture taken? What's the message?
For those who don't know, this is the road between Jerusalem and the turn-off to both Beit El and Ramalla.  Yes, this is part of the road that was closed twice today so that Unite States President Barack Hussein Obama could visit Ramalla.  This is the road that goes to Jerusalem and Sha'ar Binyamin, the commercial-industrial center where I work.  Tens of thousands or more of Jews and Arabs travel this road every single day.  Yes, it's a road open to both Arabs and Jews.  And Sha'ar Binyamin is also open to both Arabs and Jews.  I serve them all, same prices and same service in Yafiz, the clothing store for the entire family.

Have you noticed which flags our regional council, Mateh Binyamin put up as decoration?  Yesterday as I noticed that there were flags up, I got worried.  Obama's road trip, rather than being flown by helicopter, would be inconveniencing the tens of thousands of people normally on the road at that time.  That's because the road was to be totally closed.  Many people had been forced to change their plans and travel times because of the closed road.  Beit El, Psagot, Kochav Yaakov and Adam were totally locked in, because they don't have any other roads they can take. 

Luckily I work part-time and didn't work today. 

Back to the flags...
Two types of flags have been flying on the roads, the Israeli flag and the one for Mateh Binyamin.  I found that a comfort.  Flying the "stars and stripes" would be like pouring salt on the wound, celebrating our inconvenience.

And this poster down here is to urge Obama to finally free Jonathan Pollard.

The campaign to make Obama free Jonathan Pollard

I doubt if Obama will ever see these posters, but G-d willing he'll hear from enough Israelis that Pollard has served more than enough for his crime.

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