Saturday, March 30, 2013

Honestly, Do You Believe What Politicians Say?

Honestly, think about it.
  • We all know that politicians will say (and do) almost anything to get elected.
  • We all know that almost no politician writes his/her own material, speeches, articles etc.
Nu, so do you believe what a politician says?

Nu, so do you believe what a visiting politician says in a foreign country?

Then why should anyone believe United States President Barack Hussein Obama's folksy friendliness when he was just in Israel, especially when all of his previous times with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu were far from friendly?

I know that most Israelis fall for the pretty words and practiced smiles.

'Post'/Smith Research survey shows percentage of those who consider US president pro-Palestinian falls to four-year low.

I am a much tougher customer to convince.  I agree with Liat Collins opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post.
And here lies my problem, also, with President Barack Obama’s speech in Jerusalem last week. It was brilliant, feel-good, escapist – and full of clichés and phrases that, when you actually take the time to think about them, don’t necessarily add up. Obama’s visit, in effect, turned into one long commercial break.
Ahead of his trip, Channel 2’s Yonit Levi gained an in-depth interview with the US president, preparing the ground, like a promo for a new movie. Indeed, his whole trip took on the dimensions of a visit by a film star. And he certainly knows how to deliver his lines, even when he can’t deliver the goods...
I would not, of course, turn down the opportunity to interview Obama, but I think it would be more interesting – and more revealing – to spend time talking with his speechwriters.
I was not surprised to learn last month that Jon Favreau, the 31-year-old head of Obama’s speech-writing team, has chosen to stop being his master’s voice and elected to pursue a career as a Hollywood screenwriter. The required skills are clearly linked...
Sarah Honig also saw through the tinsel.
Too many Israelis who should have known lots better were reduced to the infatuation of a bewitched, bothered and bewildered teenager.
How American President Barack Obama stroked our ego with all those smiles, all the photos he obligingly posed for, all the seemingly folksy chitchats, all that backslapping, all those effusive flatteries, all the facile historic allusions, all the Hebrew words he was painstakingly taught to enunciate by his Jewish aides – most of them left-wingers with well-known Peace Now sympathies.
Should I be surprised that the writers who are on the same track I'm on are all female?  We're not afraid to say/write that
The emperor has no clothes!

Politics is all theater.  The words, the clothes, the staging, the acting, the movements. Can we trust anything?


goyisherebbe said...

There's got to be a better way of doing government. How about abolishing the Knesset and having direct voting on all bills and procedures. Any citizen can vote over the internet, either on a private computer or in the post office or other public terminal. Proposed laws are required to follow a style sheet to include language, procedure, sources in Jewish law, etc. PM is elected by popular vote and appoints his cabinet, subject to ratification by THE PEOPLE. Same is true for Supreme Court justices.

Batya said...

goyish, I don't think that would work. Too easy to fake identities. But there must be a better way of getting justices. We can vote for them.