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Friday, March 15, 2013

Latma Reveals How Israel is Preparing for The Obama Visit

Here's Latma's Tribal Update at its best. I couldn't stop laughing out loud.  They hit it right, even better than ever.

Unfortunately, it's true.  Too many Israelis, including the government  are relating to the upcoming Obama visit as if it's a carnival and not something serious and possibly dangerous to Israel's independence and security.

Ruthie Blum has written an excellent article about how Obama's staff is using the Obama worship of Israel's media to promote the American President. 
Levi was true to form. She cooed through a list of sympathetic questions, and accepted each of Obama's replies with nary a challenge to a single stuttered platitude on his part.
This included his ridiculous response to her hesitant query about the possible release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. No, said Obama, he did not have plans to pardon Pollard. Pollard committed a criminal act, and criminals in the U.S. are punished. Levi nodded. Got it. No further questions, your honor. Your majesty. Your royal highness.

It is no secret by now that Obama does not tolerate being cross-examined by anyone, least of all members of the media, as rare an occurrence as this may be. He is accustomed to being handled with kid gloves. Levi's performance, then, merely put her on a par with her American counterparts where Obama worship is concerned.
There are parallels in both Blum's article and this week's Tribal Update.  I guess it's pretty easy to show the absurdity in what's happening here.

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