Monday, March 4, 2013

Jew Against Jew, I Don't Like This

Chazal, our sages say that the Holy Temple was destroyed because of baselass hatred, Jew against Jew.  All the recent polticial infighting, espcially since the recent Israeli Knesset Elections, just make me fear G-d's wrath.  What punishment does G-d have in store for us, G-d forbid?

Even Jews who claim to be Torah observers, following G-d's commandments are dividing rather than uniting us.

Shas: It's Over, We're Headed for Opposition
Sephardic hareidi party vows to fight from the Opposition, keep funds from going to "hilltop youth."

And the NRP aka Bayit Yehudi's new leader, Naftali Bennett, has not learned the most important skill needed to be an effective politician, getting along and reaching agreements.  His pact with Leftist leader, who's also a rookie MK, Yair Lapid, is not good for the country.  People voted for Bennett's NRP so that he would influence from within the government, and he's just pushing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu further Left.

One of Lapid's demands is that he won't sit in the government with chareidim, so when you add all this together, you have a big problem. 

And in the meantime, the modern Amaleks in Iran are making progress on their nuclear weapons.  And is the "free world" sic ready for this?  No way.  The United States President Barack Hussein Obama is fiddling on his roof talking the negotiations talk, and Israel is still threatening. But after years of these threats, nobody takes them seriously, especially not the Iranians.

The more Israelis fight among themselves the more we're inviting Amalek to attack.

Bad news, and I don't see a good solution to theis.

I also recommend reading Arlene Kushner's   Deplorable, which expresses my feelings, too.
Now I'm referring not to the state of the world, but to the state of Israeli politics. I am so often proud of who we are. But now? I would gladly grab hold of certain political shoulders and shake until the heads that sit on those respective shoulders rattled. Where? I want to ask. Where is your devotion to the state and the greater good during these difficult times?


Miriam said...

Batya, Excellent blog! Interesting, just this morning I posted a note on Naftali's facebook page saying I voted for him because I felt he and his party would be a strong voice for right wing activities and that his party would protect settlements and our precious land. I did not vote for him to be a voice for anti Haredi or become joined at the hip with Yair Lapid. If I wanted Lapid I would have voted for him. I ended by saying that I hoped I won't be sorry that I gave his party my vote.

Anonymous said...

i am so glad you wrote miriam. i passed his blog to many orth j friends of mine. and they promised to write in, politely but firmly. many live in US. i pray all this squabbling will end soon. as an outsider, a noahide, i look at it as a family quarrel which will be patched up . Hashem is always with you.

Edward F. Villa said...

Batya ,

Israel needs to do Tshuva - Repentance


Israel needs to start reading The Laws of HaShem .
The Prophets and The Writings.

Read The Dead Sea Scroll literature like

The War Scroll
The Habbakuk Pesher Commentary
The Book of Enoch
The Great Isaiah Scroll

The Temple Scroll

Be completely honest with God about what is going on at this time in the world

And let go of what The Nations of the world consider you as such.

When have they even cared or even where mindful of God , The True and Holy One Blessed of Ya'akov ?

When Israel does finally choose to exercise their Godly and Eternal role in God's World as
His Nation of Holy Priests by fulfilling The Eternal Torah in Truth of Heart , then can there be some real achievements for True Peace .

On God's Terms.

What is true peace you might ask Batya ?

Being always aware , honest and knowing

God is with,
Above you
As your Shield.

Doing your best to fear God with a hope of actually coming to truly
love God .

Like Avraham,
Like Moshe Rabbienu,
Like Shimshon
Like Aharon
Like Deborah
Like Huldah
Like Eliyahu
Like Nehimiah
Like Joshua
Like Calev
Like Ya'akov
Like Levi
Like Binyamin
Like Yehudah

Just like David who was God's beloved .

Diligently pursue and do what is beautiful and true to The Holy One .
Blessings would only ensue with the ultimate culmination of

God's Most Beautiful Abode

The Temple in The City of His beloved Habitation .

Let us all bend our knee unto
The Creator .

The God of Avraham , Yitzchak and Ya'kov

The Only and True God .

The God of David His beloved.

Let us start with loving our neighbors as ourselves and actualliy
having our hearts true to God's Laws .

Not out of fear
But to a point that we are aware that

God is with us .

God is all knowing.
God is Righteous .

God is only

Good .

Shavua Tov Shiloh and all of Israel !

With a kind prayer for The Ark of The Lord to come out anew

Let us Serve HaShem Elokienu ,

Our God Malkienu ,

Your brother, son and believer in The God of The Forefathers of Ya'akov,

David Shimshon Ben Ya'akov
Edward Francisco Villa

mg said...

Read the following link: Because Chareidim were excluded from the coalition, they are taking revenge by joining forces with anti-semites to boycott israeli products. There is an audio tape in Hebrew. This is purely sinas chinam. What kind of message do they think they are sending to our children? Very sick.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Rav Dov Lior sees what Bennett sees too, and apparently has endorsed the tactic of joining with Lapid. King Shaul was going to try to exclude Bennett from any coalition in order to please Obie when he shows up here in the week before Pesach. He immediately headed to sign a deal with leftists who did not recommend him to be PM. He is a scared, faithless, and feckless hasbeen. During the one week when Likud was actually talking to Bennett because of the pact with Lapid, there was tremendous progress made on the integrating Chareidim issue. The issue for BY is all about Livni being invited into the coalition with such generous terms. King Shaul is now going nuts. We should have expected this from him in the end. All this could have been avoided by negotiating with Bennett in good faith along with trying to resolve internal issues about the Chareidim with compromise. With Livni there can be no compromise. The wicked witch of EinDor needs to be sent packing on her broomstick before Obie shows up. It seems that while in the end Shaul will try to bring in Labor, a good portion of the Likud MKs will not vote for such a government where the Communists have at least two economic portfolios, therefore leaving him weakened.

Call his bluff. If Shaul wants to take a tiyul to Har Gilboa to fall on his own sword once again, he is more than welcome to do that. In 13 days time, a plurality of the Knesset will simply nominate a less faithless Likud leader to form the next government where we will finally understand that this entire Chareidi draft issue was a red herring to destroy Yesha in accordance with Obie's wishes.

Batya said...

Interesting comments, thank.

Maybe this horrid situation will end up moving something in the right direction. Nobody is really in control any more.

goyisherebbe said...

I agree that Bibi is losing it. The Licouldn't is not going to be the leading party in the next Knesset. OTOH, the "peace process" is an illusion. The victory process has to start. It starts with stopping. Stopping taking US money with strings attached. Stopping making concessions to our enemies who make no secret of wanting to destroy us by any means possible. As Egypt collapses it is inevitable that there will be no control over the wild animals who want war once again to distract from their inner problems. In such a case Israel will once again sweep through Gaza and Sinai and cross the canal. This time, as the Rebbe zt"l said at the time of the YK War, we will be in Alexandria. I have no idea what the heck we will do there, but if he said it, it seems to happen, albeit with a 40-year time delay.

Batya said...

goyish, it's funny. Bibi was once that shiny new guy on the block and now,,,