Wednesday, March 27, 2013

There's Nothing "Right" in Our Unnecessary Groveling Apology to Turkey

In another disgusting display of obedience to the modern Pharaoh, Israel has groveled before Turkish-American pressure to admit to and apologize for faux faults.  The Jerusalem Post has it all wrong; there's nothing "right" in this embarrassing and disgraceful government action.

Regional realities require that Israel now swallow a bitter pill and do what is right, for the future of Israel, the region and our common interests with the United States.

The inexcusable and undiplomatic aggression was by the Turkish Government, not by Israel.  Esser Agaroth got it right, not the editors of the Jerusalem Post.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu expresses an apology over the deaths of a pack of thugs with iron bars and knives, who were killed in self-defense by the Israeli troops who had boarded the boat for inspection.
U. S. President Obama believes this crap about having the restoration of Israeli-Turkish ties in his pocket.
Supposedly symbolic Israeli President Peres thinks this crap about Israel and Turkey having 1,000 reasons to be friends.
And they both seem to be wrong, because in response, Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has been talking crap about how Israel should not expect normal ties despite Netanyahu's apology, and then there is this crap about his planning a trip to Gaza. If you cannot connect the dots on your own here, then you are delusional.
Israel's dangerous apology will only encourage more and more terror, simple physics and history have shown this to be true.  Life was so much safer in Israel before this faux "peace" began.  The very early years after the 1967 Six Days War were heaven.  The Arabs feared us and we could ride Arab buses and go all over Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Jordan Valley and the Golan without fear.  That was peace.

The post 1967 Six Days War peace was destroyed by the Israeli Left, which kept offering the Arabs the Land we had just liberated.  When the Arabs realized that Israel didn't understand the enormity of our victory, then Syria and Egypt conspired to attack Israel from the north and south on the holiest day of the Jewish Year, Yom Kippur, in 1973.

The miracle of our 1973 victory was even greater than the one in 1967, because we were so mentally unprepared.  Most Israelis firmly believed the fantasy that the Arabs would never dare attack us again after the 1967 victory.  And we also believed the myth that our defense structures were impregnable.  We trusted in the "might of men," the IDF and Leftist ideology, rather in G-d Almighty.

Today's belief that we must obey United States President Barack Hussein Obama, rather than standing tall and following G-d is just too déjà vu for me. I truly hope and pray that we don't have to learn the hard way.


Daniel Pinner said...

Please see my own apology to Turkey at

Esser Agaroth said...

Batya, Thank you for your continued efforts in propagating the truth, and for suggesting that I am doing the same. :-)

Daniel, I have noodged you in the past to put your notes on a blog, to get wider coverage. Please consider it!

Batya said...

Daniel, Esser is right. Blogs are easier to access. Please blog.

Laser said...

The key is in the opinion that we made and "Unnecessary Groveling Apology to Turkey." Although it is far from obvious, it may turn out that this act will rekindle the alliance between Israel and Turkey and thereby have a positive effect on our border with Syria.

Batya said...

Laser, like Disengagement brought peace...

Laser said...

Batya, while your example is indeed illustrative, the risks in apologizing to Erdogan are far less than in expelling 9000 Jews from their homes.

Batya said...

Laser, the same mentality-thought process, which is very dangerous.

Laser said...

Not at all. Saying "I'm sorry that your people got killed" with or without crossing my fingers behind my back is a bunch of words. Throwing 9000 good people out of their homes and destroying their lives is something so totally different that one cannot utter them in the same breath.

Batya said...

Israel is offering to pay compensation for those deaths. That is the biggest complication. We're not dealing with just words. This is serious paying aggressors. We should have demanded the compensation and apology.

Laser said...

Batya, this is hardly precedent setting. How much did we give to Hamas to release the coward Shalit? That was not the first time we have dirtied our hands to get something we need or thought we needed. A few million bucks is cheap compared to freeing hundreds of terrorists.
And the **potential** benefit, even if it does not seem all that likely at the moment, is far in excess of releasing a single captive, one who disgraced the best traditions of the IDF.

Laser said...

for Barry Rubin's similar approach to mine.

Batya said...

Laser, how many times must we make the same mistake before we learn it's wrong?

Laser said...

I shall ignore for the moment you comparison of apples and oranges.

I want you to inform Mefaqed Heil Ha'Avir how to reach Iran without flying through Turkish airspace.

Perhaps he can fly over Los Angeles.

This is what everyone knows but does not write in public.
Now you know.