Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nu? The New Israeli Government, Will it Be Good for The Jews?

Yes, even here in Israel we must always ask that question:

Will it Be Good for The Jews?

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's latest coalition government has many competing factions.
MK Tzipi Livni, Israel’s newest Justice Minister, stressed on Saturday that she would not support the basic law bill “Israel is the national state of the Jewish people,” whose promotion is part of the new coalition agreements with the Jewish Home party.

Maybe "competing" is too gentle a word.

Netanyahu is hoping to be able to control his warring partners, certainly long enough to see himself soaring in the polls and trying for better election results.  Bibi's Likud and partner Israel Beitenu bombed terribly in the recent elections, losing a critical amount of Knesset seats.  His formal announcement to President Peres was the easy part.  Governing with such partners will no doubt be the greatest challenge to Netanyahu's political career.

Livni's chance of being Prime Minister is now nil, but by controlling the Justice Ministry she will have a lot of power.  That's why she demanded it.  And unfortunately, Bibi gave in.

Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett have both been promoting themselves as Centrists, just like Bibi had done earlier in his political career, since neither are shy about admitting that they dream of holding the top position, Prime Minister.  Right now they are working together against Bibi, but when they weaken him sufficiently, no doubt their alliance will crumble, like very fresh matzah.

Do I feel sorry for Bibi?  No!

Binyamin Netanyahu made his bed when he put pragmatic secular politics over Jewish values and Jewish History and Jewish Rights to The Land of Israel.  Our greatest leaders, from Biblical time onwards were those who could see that G-d controls the big picture.

That's why the only two of the "spies" who had been sent to לתור latur, stakeout The Land, Numbers Chapter 13 בְּמִדְבַּר who merited to enter it forty years later were the ones who trusted that G-d would make it possible for the Jewish People to rule it as Jews.

Remember that our first king, the Benjaminite Saul was deposed by G-d as punishment for not obeying His orders.  G-d replaced Saul with David who understood the Power of G-d could overcome all human power and weapons.

Too bad that Benzion Netanyahu didn't name his second son David...


rutimizrachi said...

There is wisdom in what you say. But I don't hold Bibi accountable, because he is tinok shenishba. He's knowledgeable, but even his Bible knowledge is from a secular intellectual perspective. I hold ALL of the religious parties accountable. It's our job to put aside our differences and unite to run the country. We have the numbers, but we lack the will to compromise with other religious people. Such a shandeh.

Amihai said...

Once again, you are not fair and let your own despising of Bennett bias what's happenning.
For once, he never said he is representating the Center.
Quite the opposite (I was there when he said it), he said that we, which are called "far-right wing religious fanatical and messiannic", we are the true Center.

And again, about the negociation, I remind you that Uri Ariel was the one doing it with the Likud, he's not an adept of kavod games...

Batya said...

Ruti, thanks, G-d willing, things will get better.

Amihai, when did he say that, and is that exactly what he said? It sounds more like a word game.
According to the press it was davka Bennett who finally pulled the package together. I see the Bennett-Lapid union as a move to center, without fancy words or teasing.

Amihai said...

he said it a few times during the primary and then before the election, and I heard it once by myself at at a BY conference.
Yes, he pushed the alliance with Lapid, but it was not a ideological one, much more a practical one, being the 2 want almost all the same economic change and a socio-politic transformartion which alone neither could do.

The thing is (and it is clearly against what a few Yesh Atid MK said), they both have a political plateform far away from old "right-left" conception.
But I agree that Peri and some others are clearly left-leaning...

And then, Netanyahu himself is currently at the left of Lapid (which I hope is better than the Haredim on Eretz Israel).

Batya said...

Amihai, I have a question. How can a political alliance between two party leaders be "not a ideological one?" You really can't divorce ideology when it comes to political coalitions.

Amihai said...

Batya, yes you can make a political alliance not ideologoical...
After all, the Haredim got in almost all coalitions even though they don't agree on anything with everyone else.
Except maybe the ideology of getting money.

Bennett and Lapid have differents views and differents main goals.
But there are a lot of things they both agrees upon, especially on socio-economical matters.
And so an alliance serve them both, at least for a while.

Batya said...

Amihai, let's see. I'm curious as to the next adventure for Medinat Yisrael. I just wish it wasn't an Obama visit.