Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Burnt Out" By The Long Coalition Squabbling and Anarchy

Last night, a bit before I turned off the computer, I posted the following on facebook:

Maybe I'm crazy, or it's a bit of political "burnout," but I must admit that I really don't care which parties are in Bibi's government coalition. He's just going to do what he wants, and G-d will stir as He wills it. I did my bit to vote for the party with the candidates I wanted to see in the Knesset, but they didn't get in. My blog posts didn't help, certainly not enough.

As much as I enjoy a good political campaign, pre-election period, this long, leak-filled, innuendo flooded, media sabotaged coalition ultra-marathon has become worse than a bore.  When the "negotiations" are double-guessed by the media, we've passed the point of absurdity.  It's hard to distinguish between fact, fiction, guess-work and wishful thinking.

Arlene Kushner, as usual, has a much more intelligent way of explaining what's going on and why we should be worried.

Nothing concrete to report yet on the coalition, as, again, there are mostly rumors. Based on what I'm reading, however, I confess to a great unease that Lapid sees himself as a reformer upon whom formation of the coalition depends -- and who thus can, with his demands for entry into that coalition, instantaneously restructure much of Israeli society. Whether he's right or wrong on specific issues, I fear a heavy-handed audacity that is only going to tear the society apart.

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Bibi's "roast beef" has been cooking much too long.  Even if he had been making chulent, it would be overcooked already.

And too much of what should be the coalition negotiations are being ki'ilu, sort of conducted "in public" by the media.  We keep hearing politicians, possible cabinet members being interviewed interrogated, and asked which ministerial posts they demand or which would they refuse.  Instead of politely and firmly brushing off these questions with a "that's between me, my party leader and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu," they actually answer the questions and with much too much detail.  Obviously they've never taken my media when you're being interviewed course.  One of the first rules is not to answer theoretical questions.  I'd put the "which ministry do you want question" in that category.  Too much public talking will only make things worse for everyone.

Yesh Atid's Yair Lapid keeps his facebook followers updated.  No, I'm not one of his friends.
Lapid is reportedly demanding the Foreign Ministry, but Netanyahu has reserved the post for faction Number 2 Avigdor Liberman, who stepped down from the post late last year to fight fraud and breach of trust charges. On Wednesday, the attorney general said it was legal for Netanyahu to hold the ministry for an indicted MK.

On Wednesday Likud sources told Army Radio that Lapid was “obsessing” about becoming foreign minister, “which isn’t going to happen,” that Likud
Lapid, who is also demanding a smaller Cabinet and that the ultra-Orthodox be drafted into national service, said on Facebook that the talk about ministerial posts was beside the point.

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Most people I speak to have great faith that somehow Bibi will do his usual hat trick and pull a nice fluffy rabbit out of his hat before United States President Barack Hussein Obama arrives to "inspect" him and the State of Israel.

Besides the fact that the suspense is over, like a balloon which no longer has air, I really don't think it makes all that much of a difference which parties are in a coalition and who holds which ministerial portfolios.  Too many times we've elected Right wing, pro-Land of Israel governments which ended up being davka the ones that gave our Arab enemies portions of the Land of Israel, most notably Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon.

It doesn't really matter who's elected and who is Minister of whatever.  Sorry for the cynicism, but that's what is going through my mind right now.


Anonymous said...

batya, i dont blame you for what you have written. we all have our ups and downs. one of the many important things i learned from jews, was never to give up or feel lost or broken. we can take a break , esp from the media, but we should not feel down. every second is important. its G-d given time. you may not realise it, but your blog may have done much more than you may know. Yesterday, i was feeling just like you, how long it wil l take for the blessings mentioned in the holy tanach to happen,to israel i.e. redemption and all. everything seemed so far away. then my daily dose with the rebbe (Rebbe menachem schneerson) came to my inbox.
'Torah and the world"
People think that G-d first made a world and then gave us instructions to follow, so we wont mess it up. The truth is, the instructions came first, and the world was designed as the venue to carry them out. Therefore, to say that anything in the world could be an opposition to carrying out its Creator's Will is an absurdity. There can be no opponents to the purpose of creation-only meaningful challenges.'''
and since the holy sages say that Hashem never gives us more than we can bear, so the challenges are really not that monumental as we see it. so i ask Hashem, when will israel be a light to all nations, as He Promised. we pray it is soon, but the timing is with Him. so we wait. the prophets and sages waited. we wait.

Shy Guy said...

I must say that it seems like the country is running quieter overall while the government is in total disarray and not finding enough time to meddle in the affairs of its people.

There's a lesson here.

Batya said...

10, I haven't given up. I know that G-d is in charge, not us.
Shy, general governing is done by the permanent employees a la "Yes, Minister." We really don't need those politicians all that much to get stuff done.