Sunday, April 25, 2010

Were The Arabs Arrested?

I don't know if it's true or an invention of the screenwriters who wrote the scripts of those old cowboy movies.  I see Bibi Netanyahu, our Prime Minister, speaking with forked tongue about our sovereignty in Jerusalem.

Israeli Jews and Police were attacked today in Silwan.  The march leaders acquiesced to the extreme limitations the police and government demanded, but they refused to agree to further delay the march.
"We've proven to Netanyahu, Obama and Mitchell that we're the bosses in Jerusalem," said Ben Gvir during the march.

Prior to the event, the right wing activist said in a radio interview that "There is no doubt that the fact that Mitchell is in the area only pushes us to try harder."

"It seems to me that the man sitting in the prime minister's chair is a little confused," he continued. "Netanyahu is acting like he is an employee working for Obama or Mitchell. It began with the settlement construction freeze that he caved on, and today he says that it is a provocation for us to carry Israeli flags several hundred meters from the Western Wall. What will he say tomorrow? That Obama and Mitchell asked to remove the flag or change the national anthem and he'll do that too?"

"I don't work for Mitchell, and Israel is not a U.S.-sponsored state, and the time has come that we understand that," he went on to say.

The tension and violence by Arabs that ensued because Jews walked in the neighborhood with Israeli Flags is very worrying, or should be for those who naively believe that Israeli is governing all of Jerusalem the way it should be. 

Arabs walk freely and safely in Jewish neighborhoods and shop in Jewish stores.  Only Jews are restricted.

Something stinks...


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A picture of a Sunday afternoon

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