Friday, April 9, 2010

Was Barack Hussein Obama Born in Kenya? The Story Isn't Dead Yet

Hat tip: HLL

Should United States President Obama be impeached?  Has he gone against the United States Constitution?  Was he born in Hawaii or Kenya?  The Kenya story is still pretty convincingly in the news.  

There are still questions about him.


Devorah said...

I say Kenya. Absolutely definitely Kenya.

Batya said...

So what will the US Judicial do about it?

Anonymous said...

Put their heads in the sand.

Philistines upon you, America!

Batya said...

If he's thrown out, Biden's in. During the campaign, the Republicans were hampered by the potentially problematic U.S. Panama Zone birth of McCain.

Unknown said...

Actually, the birther conspiracy theories help no-one but Obama. Take a look at Yid with Lid here (
Here are some excerpts

I should admit that I am a "reformed birther," When I first started seeing the evidence during the early part of the 2008 campaign it made sense to me. That was until I saw the Barack Obama birth announcements that ran in local Hawaiian newspapers. For those to be fake, Obama's mom would have to have seen into the future, known he was going to run for president, and planted those announcements in 1961.

Here's the point, not only has Obama been proven to be American born many times over, the only person helped by the whole business is Barack Obama.

If I were President Obama and there were no birther movement, I would invent one. It destroys the credibility of anyone who talks about it. To moderates and liberals, the birther movement is the right-wing equivalent of those drooling liberals who were calling the 2000 election stolen, years after the election was over.

Worse than the fact the birther argument has been wrong many times over, it takes attention from the real arguments,in this case proving that Obamacare is unconstitutional.

For those of you who don't believe that Obama is American born, look at it a different way, as Andrew Brietbart, told Joseph Farrah during the Tea Party Convention, it is not a winning issue. Just like the lugnuts who are still counting chads a decade after George Bush defeated Al Gore, you are not going to win. Besides if the birther thing was true, Joe Biden, the SCHMOTUS would have let is slip it out months ago.

The only one served by the Birther movement is Barack Hussein Obama, because it gives him and his cronies the opportunity to dismiss the entire lot of us.

Anonymous said...

obama is a jew who was born in israel and is a decendant of the ancient hebrew people.
it works for the european zionist.

Batya said...

Sabba HIllel, good points. thanks, didn't think of it like that.

a, ? What's that supposed to mean?

Keli Ata said...

Definitely a Kenyan-born Muslim. There was the slip up about his "Muslim faith" in an ABC interview. Then the whole awkwardness when asked about his favorite Christmas present as a kid, not to mention his unwillingness to place his hand over his heart during the national anthem.

Everything about him screams unAmerican, including the refusal to release his actual birth certificate.

This is a free country where ANYONE can aspire and become president--Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc. So why all this awkwardness about his background? Oh, anyone can become president provided they are American born, which he isn't.

Excellent points Sabba. Anything that smacks of conspiracy does tend to discredit people, including people who oppose Obama for very valid reasons.

Keli Ata said...

:( What happened to my post? It disappeared. Typed it. Screen cleared after I typed in the word verification and viola--gone.

Keli Ata said...

And now it reappeard.

????? Germlins at Google.

Anonymous said...

I'm a birther but not the conspiracy variety.

I have no problem assuming he was born in Hawaii.

All I want to see is the ORIGINAL paper birth certificate, and not a digital confirmation that one was previously issued, which does not include all the information on the original certificate.

That's all I want to see.

Keli Ata said...

Yep. Me too, Shy.

If the gov't can release every aspect of his medical exam, why not his birth certificate, the original?