Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time Bomb in The North

How quickly we forget.  I was going to write "Israelis forget," but I too am an Israeli even though my written language is English rather than Hebrew.

Less than four years ago Israel was attacked by its neighbors from Lebanon, Hezbollah in the north.  Our major northern cities suffered real hits.  Israel is such a tiny country; it's clear that just a small improvement in Arab terrorist weaponry, and Tel Aviv will be an easy target.

During the war, when we were under attack, like the atheist in the foxhole who suddenly prays desperately to G-d, the Tel Aviv Leftists grudgingly admitted that Ehud Barak's election pledge to unilaterally, unconditionally withdraw from Lebanon facilitated this enemy Arab war on Israel.  But by the time the cement and paint were dry after repairing the damage, Israel's loony Left had blanked out the wisdom the rockets had forced on them.

The pragmatic Right doesn't forget.  We warned the Israeli public during that election campaign that Barak's pledge and policies would endanger Israel by leaving the north undefended.  We warned and predicted that trusting foreign troops to police the area wouldn't prevent the terrorists from re-arming with even more sophisticated weapons, which is the situation today.  The Israeli Government enthusiastically explained to the public that these foreign troops would "protect" us, but at best they are observers who report how many more weapons have been stockpiled for use against Israel.

Hezbollah fired thousands of the mostly short-range Katyusha rockets into Israel in 2006 and the Jewish state is worried the guerrillas have replenished their arsenal to strike on Iran's behalf if its nuclear sites come under attack.

A Pentagon report on Iran released last week said that Hezbollah had rearmed itself to beyond the levels seen before the 2006 war, despite U.N.-backed efforts to curb weapon shipments to the group.

In addition to arms, Iran provides about $100 million (65.5 million pounds) to $200 million per year to support Hezbollah, it said.

The missile allegations involving Syria have complicated President Barack Obama's efforts to forge a rapprochement with Damascus, which his administration sees as crucial to Middle East peace efforts and to stabilise the nascent democracy in neighbouring Iraq.

The alliance of Barack and Barak bodes bad news for Israel.  When Barak is happy, I get nervous, very nervous.  I don't like the idea that Bibi sent him to Washington at this time when Barack with a "c" is putting so much pressure on Israel.

We must remember that we shouldn't trust the fancy words of international leaders and diplomats, because push comes to shove and they really don't care what happens to us.

Our security rests in our hands, with the help of G-d.  Our enemies are increasing their stockpiles of weapons to be used against us.  It's time to take action on all fronts.
Even though Barak's Labor Party was defeated in the last Israeli Elections, the Likud's Binyamin Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister has given him unprecedented power as Defense Minister.  I find this dangerously disturbing, because Ehud Barak's policies have consistently endangered our existence.  I don't trust his judgement at all.

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