Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interfaith thorns

Posted by Jewish Israel
Flowers for Jesus: Return to Sender:
Last week it was reported that officials in the Prime Minister’s office would not accept a donation of more than 1,000 dozen yellow roses from American Christians who were upset by reports of Obama’s treatment of Binyamin Netanyahu. This week's headlines report that the Prime Minister's office “was happy to get Christians’ roses”.

Jewish Israel thinks the agent and the agenda, rather than the gesture, caused the problem.

Taking a moral stand with Israel is a nice thing to do and some Gentiles like to say it with flowers. But next time use FTD as the conduit (or stick with lobbying Congress), as an evangelizing Janet Folger Porter, President and Founder of Faith2Action, packs a very thorny and loaded bouquet...more

Vatican continues to trip on crossed interfaith wires:
The state of Jewish-Catholic relations continues to deteriorate under Pope Benedict XVI. Two incidents on “Good Friday” caused outrage in the international Jewish community and elicited apologies from Rome.

Jewish Israel would like to note that any “shock” on the part of Jewish leaders seems a bit contrived at this point. Both scandals are part of a well-established pattern - woven with a flawed and deceptive thread – which appears to be an integral part of any tapestry spun by those engaged in attempts at Jewish-Christian conciliation...more


Keli Ata said...

Leave to evangelicals to send otherwise lovely flowers typically associated with love, which also have hurtful thorns.

Poor Bibi:( If only they had sent daffodils--they symbolize new beginnings and friendship--minus the thorns.

I don't care what anyone says, I find something sweet and endearing about Bibi.

I've always felt this way about him, but more so after listening to an audio class on Middas HaRachamim and Middas HaDin.

In any event, donating the flowers to hospitals is the proper thing to do.

Keli Ata said...

Overall a sad situation. I don't doubt that gentiles can and do support Israel because I did long before leaving the church in 2002 and renouncing Christianity. was in simple, non dramatic ways such as sponsoring a Jewish girl in Hazor. I was thrilled to death and prayed for that little nine-year old every day--for her safety, that she had enough food, was doing well in school.

If anyone the time, early 1980s, she was at a kibbutz in Hazor. Now all I can find out about Hazor is that there's a large resort hotel.

Does anyone know what part of Israel Hazor is in?

ellen said...

Hazor is a small town located in Northeast Galilee. There's a lot of craftsman and building renovation supply industry in the area.

Close to Hazor is Kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar. Perhaps that is where the little girl lived. I think the Kibbutz has a popular hotel/guesthouse.

I think many of the people who sent flowers via Janet's campaign are good folks who love and support Israel. But Janet Porter is heavily into evangelizing efforts which target Jews - which makes any gesture or gift from her a problem for us.

Keli Ata said...

Thank you so much Ellen for the information on Hazor! Can you believe, two decades later and I STILL am concerned about that little girl?

And the child sponsorship agency I sent money each month to no longer sponsors Israeli children. I sent them an email about a year ago and they said they want to understand and address the problems in that part of the world and accordingly do not care for Israeli children, only Palestinian kids.

Can you believe that? HOW CRUEL!


I agree 100-percent about Janet Porter who organized the flower campaign.

Totally evangelistic. SIGH. On this of all weeks (the end of Pesach and Sunday Yom HaShoah) and they can't offer a gesture of friendship void of missionary activity:( :(

I guess that's an important lesson to learn about missionaries and Israel/Jews.