Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's Wait A Generation or Two

Trying to "make peace" with today's Pseudostinian AKA Palestinian sic leadership is like trying to use a manual typewriter for word processing.  The recent execution by Hamas of two Arabs for "aiding" Israel is just another of the long list of reasons proving how unready and unwilling the Arabs  are for peace with Israel.

All the calls by U.S. President Obama and others to "rush, rush, rush" are worse than false alarms.  They want us to jump out of a high window, calling "fire" without providing a safety net.

When the Arabs are ready for peace, the genuine article, we won't need anyone to mediate.  So, please, let the world butt out and let nature take its course.  I have patience.  I don't want false peace.  It would be more dangerous than those fake pharmaceuticals that bargain hunters get killed by.  And remember, you can't cut glass with a rhinestone, only genuine diamonds do the trick.


Anonymous said...

The problem with waiting generations is that the generations are being raised by the current jihadists to become the next jihadists in the policy of eternal jihad. This is the result of giving the Palestinians control over the Arab cities and their schools in the West Bank, and it is why the Palestinians were given control of the refugee camps in Lebanon in the 1970s. The people need access to a fair and honest account of their history or else there will never be peace, and that is by design.

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

thank you for this clear, concise message on peace and "interference" for lack of a better word. i really appreciate hearing your point of view and really like the "fake pharmaceutical" analogy.

Batya said...

a, think, would you marry off a toddler? It will take a long time, a couple of generations at least.

minne ma, thanks, confirmation helps. That's what encourages me to keep on blogging.

Hadassa said...

Anonymous, the Arabs who live in mixed cities within the Green Line (Tel Aviv, Yaffo, Lod, Ramle, Haifa, Be'er Sheva, etc.) have access to the exact same information that anyone else does and they hate the Jews too. Having access isn't enough. The reverse of the process you mentioned is necessary and with the number of people supporting teaching "Naqba" in the Jewish schools there's little chance of that. Arab schools must be under the auspices of
The Arabs won't be ready for peace until they realize that the Quran (Koran, however you spell it) is mostly lies, especially concerning Jews.
It really is amazing how much the world "butts in" to a country so small that most world maps can't even fit its name over the entire country. The hypocrisy of the "mediators" (capitulation advocates) is amazing too.

Batya said...

Hadassa, thank, you brought up important points.