Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ehud Barak, Wrong Again. "Brave Decisions" Don't Bring Peace

We must destroy that dangerous myth.  It's a two-headed monster, a monster with the potential of, G-d forbid, destroying us.
  1. Peace is up to Israel
  2. We must be "brave" or take "risks" for peace
How many of our precious soldiers died either in vain or because their safety was considered secondary to that of possible Arab civilians?  And talking about Arab civilians and dying in vain, don't forget terrorism, Arab terrorism against innocent Jews.

Israel's Defense Minister and former Chief of Staff Ehud Barak just doesn't get it.  In Butch Cassidy and the Sundance  Kid, it's a "brave decision" to jump, and since it's a movie, they survive.  In real life they'd be dead, and in real life, Barak's suggestions will bring more terrorism.  It's a "no brainer." I've seen that movie before, done that, been there and was injured in a terror attack, too.

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