Sunday, April 25, 2010

The IDF, Internet Security and Unequal Justice

Now, after it has been revealed in the press that IDF recruit Anat Kamm stole high level security information during her military service, the IDF is purchasing new computers with more security protection.

Since my father has been living with us, I've gotten to know the local Kupat Cholim (Sick Fund) Clalit Clinic very well.  When we first moved to Israel, a few months short of forty years ago, we didn't join that healthcare organization, because it was known as the worst, very socialist, no choice of doctors etc.  Things have changed, and today I'd say that there isn't much difference between the various options, once you calculate all aspects.  My father joined Clalit, because it's a very short walk away from our house and the doctor lives even closer.

During one of my visits to the clinic, I asked the nurse why we can't just send her emails and not faxes.  She told me that although the Clalit Sick Fund and our local Shiloh clinic are computerized, there is no way to send or receive any emails outside of the Clalit system.  If she has to send patient information to someone outside of Clalit, she must print it and then send it as a fax.  I just wonder if the Israel Defense Forces uses such a protective secure system.

Another question is how someone so dishonest and unreliable as Anat Kamm, who is accused of espionage, could be out of jail?  I find it very peculiar that the police quickly jailed Jerusalem's former Mayor Uri Lupolianski, but former Prime Minister and Mayor Ehud Olmert has not only been out of jail, he has even allowed to travel abroad.

Something here stinks...


Anonymous said...

Strange. If I were Batya, I would have also linked to this.


Keli Ata said...

Charged with espionage, facing a life sentence and released from jail?? She's either politically connected via family or something or the government wants her out to see who she gets into contact with.


As for security, I was shocked last week to see our Buffalo PD on the national news. Apparently digital copy machines also act as computers and can store information. In this case, it stored hundreds of documents including lists of people targeted by narcotics and sensitive information from the Sex Offense Squad.

Really shocked me. The department had discarded the copy machine and CBS somehow got a hold of it and viola!

Scary. A health insurance company also had private information stored on the digital copier.

The kicker is that there's software to encrypt the information but the police department didn't have it installed. Obviously they had no comment on the story.

Keli Ata said...

LOL Shy.


I'm confused now. Was Anat Kam even in jail to begin with?

Keli Ata said...

Is it true that a 14-year old protesting the disengagement was jailed and not Anat? How can that be?

Batya said...

Shy, you can.
Keli, simply put:
Different laws for Right, Left and Center.

yoni said...

batya, we may often disagree but i have to say, you have a pretty good nose for "stink". i wish more israeli jews did, if it were the case we wouldn't be having our noses rubbed in the deeply entrenched filth of our last government and their cronies now.

Hadassa said...

Do not donate your old computer without having the disk drives professionally erased. My husband sometimes listens to the BBC in the car when all the Israeli stations are even more annoying and he doesn't have a CD with him. A BBC reporter investigated instances of corporations donating old computers to "the needy" in Africa. The computers were purchased from "the needy" by the unscrupulous who were able to dig deep into the supposedly erased drives and reveal the corporations banking information, including passwords and other highly sensitive information.

Batya said...

yoni, I don't expect people to agree with me.

Hadassa, that's frightening.