Sunday, April 18, 2010

49 Years Later Castro Still Rules Cuba

I remember hearing about the failed Bay of Pigs United States invasion of Cuba to stop Castro.  It was forty-nine years ago.  The United States has blinked many time since then.  That's the example I frequently give as to why Israel should ignore American pressure.

Castro's resignation from the Presidency of Cuba was due to health problems.  He currently serves as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, a position he has held since its inception in 1965.

Push comes to shove and the United States is no more than a "paper tiger."  It is true that pragmatic capitalism rules Communist China, and the USSR has collapsed, but none of those changes is due to anything the U.S. did to those countries.  Human nature is capitalist, not communist (socialist.)  All the Utopian, socialist experiments die out, because they just don't work.  And the countries ruled as socialist/communist were havens of hypocrisy, because the leaders lived in a life-style well above the ordinary citizen.

The Jewish People is one of the world's most ancient nations.  We've outlived all of our former enemies, Greeks, Romans, Persians etc.  Unlike any other nation/people, we're both a religion and a nation/people.  Our history, as written in the Bible, is well documented and recognized by others, at least in theory.  The Modern State of Israel, which is celebrating sixty-two years of independence, does not need international approval.  Craving such approval weakens us.

It's time for us to shed that dangerous mind set.  Being independent means that we ignore pressure from others and we stop trying to get international approval.  For the sake of our children, grandchildren and continued existence we must be truly and proudly and confidently independent.


Minnesota Mamaleh said...

at the risk of sounding all spam-ish, i really appreciate this post for two reasons. one- a little bit of history all tidy and understandable and two--omg! the photo! couldn't possibly love it more! thank you for both. :)

Batya said...

minne mama, double thanks
Sometimes it's embarrassing to think that my memories are history for others. And re: the pic, it's of my eldest grandchild taken when she was younger.