Sunday, June 15, 2008

We Gave "Peace a Chance," and It Failed

Making a mistake once is normal; twice isn't, and multiple times a sign of serious mental illness.

The continuation of the "Peace Process" is proof of the foolishness of the masses, the media the politicians. For decades Israel has been lusting for "peace."

It has brought is war, terror and lost us of the respect and fear of our enemies.

Peace comes from strength, when our enemies know that if they touch us they will be destroyed. The "do anything for peace" philosophy just encourages our enemies to attack, terrorize us, because then they know that we will do anything to stop them but fight.

I am disappointed and frustrated that I don't see a sign of any politicians or political party here in Israel telling people the truth, clearly. And even more upsetting, those who may have policies which are realistic have no chance of getting elected. They don't know how to campaign. They don't understand politics and human nature. Being right isn't enough to get elected. Politics is a science; there are known, tried and true techniques.

G-d willing...


Anonymous said...

There's an old saying: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

And then quit. No sense being a fool about it.

I wish a new party would arise in Israel that would have the following on its platform: We're interested in improving the economy, healthcare and education. As for the Arabs, when they're ready to negotiate on our terms and give us what we want, we'll answer the phone.

Batya said...

gi, so true
So far no political party or group has the right answer and an intelligient success-oriented plan to get elected.