Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Hoping

Tonight I traveled to Jerusalem for a political meeting. Unfortunately, I was horrendously disappointed and after trying to get the information I needed, I just left. I'm not really ready to go into details.

I came to the conclusion to leave, just a bit late to catch the 9pm bus home. I waited for a bus to the "trempiada," the bus stop which is also for catching rides. Was I surprised when I saw my bus approach, late according to the schedule, but just in time for me. That made it clear to me, that I had done the right thing by leaving. Added bonus was seeing a good friend on the bus. I went over to talk to her, and someone gave me a seat. Yes, it was that crowded.

I told her what happened, and we brainstormed a bit.

I may start dreaming out loud. No, not tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hashgacha pratit -- ain't it great?

(I know, I should be ashamed of myself writing "ain't" to davka an English teacher....[shuffles sheepishly])

Batya said...

It's ok. I'm used to much worse. Anyway... it won't be for long...