Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aviad Cohen: The Anti-Jew Unplugged and Deranged

Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz

Aviad Cohen, the once popular Jewish rap star (50 Shekel) who was hailed as "The World's Most Kosher MC", has turned Jesus freak in the worst kind of way – and he has turned on himself and the people who used to be his people.

Watch this video. An insane anti-Semitic assault starts about 4.50 into the clip.
Cohen calls Jews every name in the book and accuses us of nearly every crime in the book. (thanks to Penina of Jews for Judaism for the heads up)

Excerpts of Cohen's diatribe are loosley transcribed as follows (but it's best if you hear him say it):

Orthodox, Hassidic, and even secular Jews send hit men to kidnap, drug, beat up families, shoot in the head, firebomb churches, blow-up kids, slander and defame every single Jew that comes to faith in Jesus. If you leave the rabbinic Jewish cult, they'll kill you, beat you up, destroy your business, tap into your email account, hack your website. Jewish anti-missionaries, rabbinic Jews and rabbinic authorities do manipulation, murder, arson, beat people, slander, threaten, defame. They are terrorists…rabbinic Jews are Talmud terrorists

Aviad was born in Tel Aviv. His family left Israel for Brooklyn when he was two. He was educated in the Yeshiva and Jewish private school systems of New York and New Jersey.
After receiving much acclaim for his popular remake of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” song called “In Da Shul”, it seems the Heeb-Hop rapper went off Da deep end.

But this is no joke. The now “messianic” Aviad Cohen has an evangelical following and can be seen on the Christian talk show and concert circuits spreading the word and other bad news. Check out his appearance on TBN the Trinity Broadcasting Network (and pray for him and his family)

Far be it for this Jew to appear unfair and favor one evangelizing network over another. So allow me to give equal time to a story on Aviad which appeared on CBN (Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network)

Meet Aviad Cohen. He’s still the same fun-loving Jew, who loves to write and produce songs for his fans. The difference is he’s more Jew now than he ever was before...blah...blah..blah...


Anonymous said...


"Welamalshinim al t'hi tiqwa"

Avi said...

So sad... this man is a 'choteh u'machti'. Think of all the poor Jews who he will lead astray, HaShem yishmor.

We should take note of the fact that he admits that he never read the Torah before being 'witnessed' to. He says that he felt no spiritual connection to Judaism, therefore he was easy pray to missionaries. The only solution is Jewish literacy and true Jewish passion and spirituality.

Leave it to 'Ol Goy Robertson to tell us what makes us Jewish or not. More Jewish than ever? In that case, I think we should nominate the Pope as Chief Rabbi of Israel.

Baruch ata HaShem, shover oyvim u'machnia zeidim.

Anonymous said...

Bar Kochba,
The background information on him also says that he was educated in Jewish days schools,and that he comes from an observant home (there are conflicting reports).

Certainly a Torah education and a secure and loving Jewish home would be the best insurance against
missionary influence, however I find it interesting that for generations many non-observant Jews retained an intrinsic, gut feeling of who they were - a sense of Jewish self.

Even when they, G-d forbid, assimilated or intermarried, these Jews somehow clung to their identity and essense.

For the longest time J4J and other missionary organizations would fall flat on their faces when it came to evangelizing Jews. I think the Jews they are managing to pick up today (and in the past) are emotionally and psychologically disturbed individuals who have lost all sense of self - like Aviad.

It's a tragic condition which is indicative of the sick culture and type of society many of us live in.

And I think this is another angle as to why J4J and messianics are a danger and a cult - they attract destructive and lost personalities.

Anonymous said...

But Pat Robertson etc. are the best allies Israel has, right?

Anonymous said...

If "best allies " is defined in economic terms (i.e the numbers of Christian tourist dollars), then Israel has a serious problem.

It seems that's what former Tourism Minister Benny Elon had in mind when he awarded Pat Robertson a special Zionist award for "saving the Israeli economy from bankruptcy".

That same year (2004) Pat gave a big endorsement of messianic Judaism (Christianity) at the ICEJ Feast of the Tabernacles

Anonymous said...

I'm the same anonymous as before, now trying to be a bit less sarcastic.

Sefer Melachim says that Shlomo Hamelech was punished for building idolatrous altars even though only his foreign wives used them. I would think a similar concern arises when modern Israel invites and patronizes religious Christians.

Clearly the international left wing is in no sense on Israel's side, and the evangelists like nobody else in the world support Israel's being able to defend itself. But at the same time I think we must be very careful to maintain an emotional distance, and to be willing to offend them when necessary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,
I think you are on target, and I appreciate your thoughts.

The concept of "embracing" our Christian allies and their "love offerings" leaves me cold. We have a multi-million dollar, very complex and strategic relationship with these people. Red lines and guidelines - both halachic and legislative - are needed urgently.

A sense of propriety and perspective is called for. Only then can we Jews enjoy a fruitful, honest and accountable relationship.

As a Jew, this is and always has been and ethical issue for me.

benning said...

"He was educated in the Yeshiva and Jewish private school systems of New York and New Jersey." But he says he never learned the Torah until after he was winessed to? How is that even possible? Obviously he has some self-loathing problem going on.

As a Fundamentalist Christian myself, I want nothing but the best for Israel. It's not as if the Jews of Israel don't know about Jesus. They simply don't believe. I will push for US support for Israel and I keep Israel in my daily prayers.

Unlike some Christians I don't look forward eagerly to Armageddon. I expect it will come when G_D decides it should come. In His good time. And rapping messianic Jews are not going to save a soul or convince anybody of the rightness of their beliefs. They just piss people off.

What is wrong with religious newbies, anyway?

Anonymous said...

I watched the video and heard him only speak out about the jews who were doing the attacks. I don't believe he was talking about all of us jews. I watched it 3 times to be sure. My brother was involved in terrorism against messianic people and christians. I always was against that. There is terrorism on both sides. Like catholics fighting other sects of christianety and shiite muslims fighting sunnis. If you don't agree with his beliefs, pray for him, like I do. Pray for muslims as well and christians and catholics. I cannot stand here and support terrorism on any side. Lets just all pray for him. I'm tired of jews who terrorize people of any faith, because it is making all of us look bad. Like muslims, Ive met alot of nice ones, and although they are lost, the terrorist makes them all look evil, even though not all want to kill and behead people. Just pray for him and try to talk to him in a nice manner because I'm so tired of jewish terrorist making all of us look bad. When my brother was attacking people, I was looked down on and I would never harm another human being. Lets all come together and prove him wrong and show him that we are not bad people.


Anonymous said...

It's time little people of the earth to open your eye's and see how it's the work of the devil (satan) and his demons whom betrayed our GOD, HEAVEN & Earth,
and only when you truly understand how sick and deceptive the mind of devil is, then you will know that this beast set out to destroy, confuse, twist every truth, infiltrate every religion and create utter chaos umungst us.
this beast, unfortuntely has infiltrated EVERY known form of religion on earth to a greater or lesser degree and worse !!! so if you want someone to blame for everything then blame the one responsible, [satan] the devil and help Heaven to charge and sentance him, so start blaming him and the demons who followed him and who have tormented us for too long now, its time to drive them out, cos they are going to the LAKE, LAKE OF FIRE to BURN for Unforgivable crimes against our Loving GOD, Heaven and Humanity. May their sick & twisted souls burn to dust.Amen.
it's time to break the silence and in order to heal our souls and correct the damage we need to see every trap the devil has laid, every truth he twisted, every lie he told and the sick plan he intended and accept that there are corrections to me made in the BIBLE, TORAH AND QUORAN and in our minds and souls too. You would only understand this if you knew how sick the devils mind was and how bad his intentions are, and how he set out to Blasphemey all thats Righteous and HOLY.
So BE truly ready my fellow Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and all GOD loving people to see how the [satan] has managed to turn us against each other, causing all this confusion is exactly what he wanted, so dont fall into these traps.
its a Moral war against the devils sinfull ways, and my FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY GAVE 10 simple COMMANDMENTS to obey that Will Protect you form the devil, so if you declare yourself to be a Jew, Christian, Muslim etc then make sure that you DO.
and please refer to our FATHER ~GOD~ in CAPITAL LETTERS always, HIS HOLY NAME DESERVES BETTER than to be written like this... G-d , be Proud to wright HIS NAME its GOD, GOD , GOD not G-d !!!

Anonymous said...

Being Anti Christian is like going against GOD Himself, so i suggests you face your own demons and stop feeling threatened by GOD's children in Israel, because they are in Israel for the same reasons that you are and the sooner you accept this the better. They are only trying to help you correct a Great Jewish Error, a seed planted by the devil in you, now let it go and allow ISREAL to GROW!!!
For too long now certain jewish people have been Anti Christ, and this is Israels biggest weekness and the source of all your problems
You will not Crucify Our Jesus anymore!
Those that do not accept Jesus, your own FATHER !! are not Jewish and dont know a thing about being Jewish and will be ashamed of yourselfs, and will have no place in the Future of Israel for being such a discrace to your own King, fools, wake up and see~
be apart of the solution , not the problem!!

Anonymous said...

And stop crucifying Aviad Cohen who you problery know nothing about
and you bunch are starting to sound like a bunch of jewish Anti Christ NAzi's , and i know that's not who you are,so chase these demons away because they are trying to lead you astray!!

Tidbits of Torah said...

A rap song I put together after I heard about Aviad a few years back.

Aviad Cohen
Can't you see?
You serve a god that your father's never knew.
השמרו לכם פן יפתה לבבכם וסרתם ועבדתם אלהים אחרים והשתחויתם להם
You got pulled in by Jews for J
Coz yah chose to ignore the true Torah way

I betcha bottom dollar that you'ld do teshuva fast
after you listen to my prechen
and get da true bris facts

Oh vey, it breaks my heart to see a Yid off the derech
tis a shame
throwing away
Your beautiful heritage

You see my friend, Aviad
I once too was "born again"
A devout xtian
Yesiree, but I hungered for emes
and so you see
I now belong to the family
A convert, a Yid I be

It's time to come home where you belong
step up to the bimah
and read your portion
and take part in the Cohainin blessing!