Thursday, June 19, 2008

Did I Hear Right?

Last night, on the way back from the wedding, before being dropped off at the "trempiada," our bus stop/hitchhiking post, the midnight news went on.

"Today nine people were killed in road accidents."

"Nine? Did I hear 9--NINE!"

It was said so deadpan, like the weather report.

They weren't all killed in the same accident; four in one, two in another and three in a third.

Now, searching the Jerusalem Post homepage for details, which were not in the top headlines, I saw:

Think about it. Bad driving, here in Israel, by Israelis, local Arabs and tourists, causes more death and injuries than the Arab terrorist-launched kassams. Is that why the Israeli public is so apathetic, so accepting of the Arab terror? What happened to our valuing life?
  • Is this all connected to abandoning soldiers to the enemies?
  • Is this all connected to lack of outrage when innocent Jews are exiled from their homes?
  • Is this all connected to the silence when Arab terrorists attack Jewish cities and individuals?

What has happened to us?

Why don't we hear the primal scream of pain and outrage?

Why aren't we screaming and fighting the injustice?

What is wrong with us?

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