Thursday, June 5, 2008

From All Over To Tel Shiloh!

Yesterday we went to Tel Shiloh. We were women from Rechovot, the Golan, Jerusalem, Eli and Shiloh. We were born in Israel, Europe, North and South America.

Since it was Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the first day of the Jewish Month, we said the Hallel Prayer together and then each of us prayed privately, overlooking where Biblical Chana poured out her heart to G-d. The Jewish Laws of Prayer are derived from how Chana prayed, moving her lips but silently.

Chana prayed for a son who would be dedicated to G-d, trained to lead the Jewish People. We, too, pray for a leader.

Our country, today, is in need of wisdom, leadership to take us out of our dangerous situation.

There will be another Women's Rosh Chodesh at Tel Shiloh for Tammuz, in another month. Details to follow.

You don't have to wait for a special time. Shiloh is open and available for visitors, tourists, pilgrims etc. The Tel is open for visitors, prayers and special events at all times. For more information, call the Tourist Office of Tel Shiloh, 02-994-4019.

There is now, also, a Coffee Shop--Gallery. Snacks, art work and souvenirs are for sale. Meals for groups can be arranged.


Leora said...

Love the photo of you, Batya. And the hat, too.

Your Tel Shiloh trips seem great: spiritual, bonding, uplifting. I can see it in your face.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

Shalom Batya and everyone else!
We visited Tel Shiloh during Pesah and came away feeling that we needed a guided tour. We definitely want to go back. How's the cafe doing? When we were there the sign said something like, "We've waited 2000 years, we can wait a few more weeks."

Batya said...

Thanks, leora, the hat's an old classic Betmar.

You should try to make it to Shiloh when in Israel. Call the office to make arrangement for a tour. Yes, Hadassa, if you speak to them in advance, they'll help.

The cafe is open. Great photos for sale.