Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Look Who's Re-Writing History!

Last night as we were entering Ir David for the Moskowitz Oz Tzion Zionism Ceremony, near Jerusalem's Old City Walls, we saw a demonstration across the street. It was one of those No Civil Rights For Jews Human Rights Groups.

Why are they only concerned with Arab rights and ignore Jewish Human/Civil Rights and Jewish History?

Actually, I agreed with one of their signs:
Yes, to Archeology
No, to Re-Writing History

The only difference is that I consider their approach blatant and perverse re-writing of history!


Dan said...

This is what I call the hypocrisy of the Left. It reminds me of times where I was called a bigot simply for respectfully expressing my views on a issue, views with which they obviously disagreed since they thought they were "discriminatory" (and I still today don't see why they were discriminatory). But in the name of equality, they put down anyone who has views different then theirs. Hypocrisy


Batya said...

So true. The Left wins the prize in terms of hypocrsy. Just their call for our leaving parts of Eretz Yisrael shows how anti-Jewish they are. What about our civil rights?

We must get on the high road and throw their slogans back at them. They are the true racists.