Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do You Really Trust Olmert or Kadima to Run Another "War?"

Israel's media is hinting at a "military action/operation" as an alternative to a "ceasefire" in the south.

Well, the Arab terrorists who received Gush Katif all the better to kill you with my dear haven't offered a real ceasefire. Of course, they don't mind it when we don't fight back.

Yes, we need some sort of war to destroy the terrorists, but is Olmert or any of the Kadima crowd, including the Labor party really capable of running an effective successful war?

I don't think so. They made of mess of the last war, less than two years ago. OK, it was an "operation," not a full-fledged war, but the solders killed are full-fledged dead, aren't they?

If I had the time, I'd research for a list of Ehud Barak's threats from the time he began his reign of terror (his time as prime minister) until today. He's like those "modern parents," who tell their kids not to walk in the street, or... And then they go back to talking on the cellphone as their kids wander in the street. And they don't even notice. By the time they wonder where the kids are...

Tsippi, the "great white ignore the dark roots hope, Livni always seems confused. And Olmert insists that since he made some mistakes he should be given the chance to try again and do a better job.

As an Israeli citizen and mother of reserve soldiers, I just don't trust the government to plan and conduct the battles in the best possible way. I don't trust them to make a proper battle plan, with realistic options. I don't like the idea of my sons being pushed around like valueless pawns.


Anonymous said...

Caroline Glick had a great piece on this on her website. You should go check it out.

Batya said...

will do, thanks