Thursday, June 2, 2005

Variety of things

The terrorists are celebrating. As Arlene Peck once wrote: "I want to gag." I told her that for certain things, the word "puke" may be used.

Jewish blood's cheap

One never forgets, and the pain never goes away

There's a very good opinion piece on Arutz 7. It's about conspiracy theories. Just because it seems like a conspiracy one shouldn't belittle it.

There's lots more on Arutz 7.
How to visit Gush Katif
Now Bibi is joining the voices warning of terror. Big deal. We've known this for ages.

Though I don't know if there was any accuracy in their report the other night about the Malcha Mall refuses entrance to people dressed in orange, at least the Gush Katif t-shirts and the orange bracelet. If anyone has an proof, please let me know. I publicized it but with a question mark. It's also possible that it was planned, but then there were protests by the shopkeepers who know who their customers are.

I'd really like the full story.

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