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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Image Change

This may not be pleasant, but the truth is that the world is very materialistic and totally influenced by the superficial. Maybe our political problems could be solved by one of these specialists.


Yes, just like Nixon lost the election to JFK because of his 4 o'clock shadow and wet underarms, our local dress costumes may be losing us support.

There's a fine line between sloppy, eccentric and exotic. "Tsni'usdik" doesn't have to be rummage sale hippie. And there's nothing wrong with cleanliness. And Israeli men should boycott the slacks companies that sell those that don't cover bending backsides.

There are some very classy dressers out here. Those involved in "hasbara" should take a good look at how they look on the screen. It was only after seeing myself interviewed that I realized that I should use an eyebrow pencil.

Thank G-d, there's no single uniform for us. We do have more freedom of expression in our dress style than in many parts of the world. And don't forget, that this year's color is orange!


Esther said...

You make some very interesting points. It is a shame that you're probably right about appearance mattering. While these things seem ridiculous, it'd be wise for Israel to be thinking about these things as part of the big picture to any kind of much needed PR campaign.

Batya said...

I used to go to Women in Green demonstrations and had to stop myself from telling them that the way some of them shouted the slogans wasn't photogenic.