Wednesday, June 29, 2005

a bissel naive

Maybe I'm just a bissel, that's "a little" in Yiddish, naive. Don't you think that crime and terrorism could be wiped out, or seriously reduced here in Israel if the police and army would put all the effort and manpower it's using against patriots, teens and pre-teens?

The country is in high alert, believe it or not, against kids who hold up signs, or orange bands, bracelets and banners. Horses, water cannons and brute strength are being used against young demonstrators.

Lots of special interest groups, like unions demanding more money for themselves. These kids are trying to save the country. Tonight the TV news told of twelve year olds arrested. Aren't those policemen embarrassed?


Moze said...

Embarrassed? From what I've seen and what I've heard, they seem to enjoy it.

Maybe if they showed the same zeal going after enemies as they do after the dreaded orange today wouldn't be happeneing.

Batya said...


Barba Roja said...

You don't think.. maybe... just a little bit.. this might bolster the Palestinians' claims of the IDF using excessive force, which Israel has always hotly contested?

Batya said...

They wouldn't dare use that sort of force against young Arabs, especially the women. The whole world would be after them, but against Jews-----cheers