Saturday, June 18, 2005


Don't put your faith in fences. Military history is full of farcial fences that didn't protect. When the Nazis were attacking the rest of Europe, didn't France expect to be protected by the Maginot Line?
Which was no better than Israel's Bar Lev Line.
Defense experts are starting to admit that the wall defacing our landscape will just endanger us.

But my favorite true life story is what I saw daily when we lived in England. The girls studied in the Barkley House School, a Jewish elementary school on Finchley Road, London. It was surrounded my a high cement fence, and there were tv cameras and security guards. This was in the middle 1970's. In the afternoon, parents were supposed to enter through a door in the fence that went to the school yard. There we picked up the kids.

The door was kept locked during the school day, and sometimes the door didn't open easily when school was over. The guard would vault over the fence to try from the other side.

Need I say more?

Shavua tov!


Esther said...

Oy, nope. That pretty much says it all. ;)

Batya said...

"Yisrael, batach b'Hashem!" "People of Israel, trust in G-d!"