Friday, June 3, 2005

Twilight Zone

I'm probably revealing my age, as if it's that great a secret, by saying that the legendary TV show, "Twilight Zone," was a favorite of mine. Of course I had no idea that I'd be living in a world so similar to the episodes I used to watch. "Today"'s series, "Law & Order" always claims no connection to anything or anyone, but I'd really like to see how the situation here in Israel would play as a plot on "Twilight Zone."

Today's news gives us two scenarios. One a bereaved father meets up with soldiers "casing" his neighborhood in preparation for dragging him and his remaining family from their home.

The second discusses the relative punishments of terrorists and those trying to prevent more terrorism. Of course, those demonstrating against are jailed, and the terrorists are freed.

In a ddition, officers who don't want to free the terrorists are threatened. This was denied, but don't forget that government ministers have been fired by Sharon for voting their conscience. And the civil rights activists don't considers Jews "civil" or important.

Ok, so where's the script?


Esther said...

It must truly seem like the twilight zone. Where is Rod Serling when we need him?

Batya said...

I wish this was a just fiction. It would be frightening enough. After amputating a hand, to see if people will really serve you, you can't just sew it back on, if the experiment fails.