Friday, June 3, 2005

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Thanks, Esther,
Truthfully, not much money is invested in YESHA. We build and buy our homes, pay taxes, electricity, water, develpment, tuition etc. Our lives have never been subsidized like the kibbutzim and development towns.
One of my daughters did National Service in Kiryat Shmoneh for two years, at the same time that left-wing politicians like Yossi Sarid claimed that we were siphoning money from places like Kiryat Shmoneh. In Shiloh we parents subsidized the education to support "free" elementary schools and paid for school trips, and the kids brought their foood from home. But in KS the government gave it all for free.
We're hardworking middle and lower middle class families.


Esther said...

Thanks so much for your comment -- it really helps, I think, for people to hear from folks such as yourself. They must be made to realize the human factor that's involved because the media is doing a lot to dehumanize you guys.

Batya said...

"to know us is to love us"

Seriously, most people find it a real eye-opener when they visit a yishuv and meet the ordinary citizen. We're really just ordinary people with ordinary problems. Just like everyone else.