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Monday, June 13, 2005

news updates after Shavuot

Here's a variety.
First, Peres is beating his dead horse. Read all about it.
What world does he live in?

Soldiers are being encouraged to do whatever is needed to drag people out of their homes. And if they're sued... free lawyers.
Amazing, since our soldiers don't have the same support fighting terrorists.

When I was growing up in the states, I never felt truly American. And I wasn't raised in a religious, nor Zionist home. I always felt different. Considering this
my feelings were pretty accurate.

Things haven't changed here. In the early days of the states, religious immigrant kids were sent to secular schools to make them "real Israelis." Read this.
Brain washing planned.

Baruch Hashem! We have some wonderful people here. They're not letting the government close down the Zionist enterprise.
G-d willing, all of the communities in YESHA will thrive and more will be established.

B'ezrat Hashem, bli neder, I'll write about the wonderful Shavuot Shiurim by Rabbis Dov Berkovits and Elchanan Bin Nun. I'm really blessed living in Shiloh.

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